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How To Pass Literature In Wassce

An examination is simply a way of assessing a student’s understanding of what he or she has been taught.examinations are meant to be passed!.
Literature in English is a complex subject which requires effective study and preparation to pass excellently in WAEC exams without any form of malpractices. Also, it is a compulsory subject for art courses. candidates under this category must, at least, have a credit in literature for a smooth admission process to university.
Nevertheless, many things account for students’ poor performance in literature in WAEC examination. These include poor preparation for the examination, poor understanding of subject matter,non-compliance with examiner’s instructions, poor study habit and poor conduct and comportment during an examination.
Foremostly, an effective preparation for an exam can be broadly divided into two aspects:

you have to begin your preparation as early as possible. do not wait until a night to the exam day before laying out your blueprints. set the goals to be acheived at the end of the examination and plan how to achieve those goals,adopt an effective study habit (as we go further, how to have an effective study will be made explicit ).before the examination, practice past questions (PQ) of literature exams and see if you can perfectly meet the standard with regards to time,content, style of answering text questions, e.t.c.when you have the time table for waec examination, adjust your personal time table to reflect the order of the examination time table.

Make sure you arrive at the examination venue, at least, thirty minutes before the commencement time. read the instructions on the question paper carefully before attempting them.note down the sections of the paper,e.g ‘African and non-African poetry’, drama, prose e.t.c.
read the questions and pay particular attention to the requirements of each question so as to earn good marks. e.g describe, discuss,narrate summarize, e.t.c. also, in order to elude the problem of limited time during such exams, you can simply share the time allowed for the paper to the number of questions you’re to answer.finally, when you’ve finished answering all questions, go over your work and correct any unconscious error observed.

In writing answers in literature exams, there is the vast need to write more legibly.Also, facts should be presented in simple languages, not in complex tones.In addition, a student should know that such questions are asked to measure in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, therefore, no single detail should be left out!
To excellently pass a literature examination, the essence of effective study cannot be overemphasized. here are some tips\guidelines that you can easily follow to have good preparation for such exam in WAEC:

Begin As Early As Possible.
make sure you start preparing even before the timetable is out, this is as well advantageous to students in senior secondary 1 and 2.

Perfect The Imperfections of What You Already Know.
try to memorize what you’ve already learned, do not check textbook answers while studying, test your ability to answer familiar questions over and over again.

Examine The Unfamiliar Literary Terms You Come Across.
do not just skim over important literary terms that seems insignificant to you, study their definitions, functions, and figurative meanings.terms such as irony, Alliteration, poetic license, legend e.t.c.
Note that most questions on literary terms come out in objectives. taking time to study these terminologies accumulates to your examination success.

Practice Past Questions (PQ).
this culture is inevitable if you want to pass your exam successfully. practicing past questions makes you familiar with the style in which WAEC sets their questions and know the manner in which you are to answer them.ensure you practice genuinely without checking the answer while studying, this habit boosts your confidence in approaching difficult questions in literature, thus examination tension is reduced.

Cultivate The Reading Habit.
this is a very vital point.apart from literature exams, to have a high score in any exam you find yourself writing, cultivate the reading culture and understanding the subject matter.while reading, avoid any form of distraction.most of the reasons why students fail is as a result of a misunderstanding. while reading, make sure you don’t leave out a single detail, most especially in literature.

Summarize Each Chapter Or Act After Reading The Text.
a summary is a great tool to get the actual message of any play, prose or text.when summarizing a chapter, you don’t necessarily have to take note of every single event.take note of the important ones for easy recollection.
Finally, write a short profile for every cast in a play or prose while studying. analyze and memorize their roles and for some reasons, take note of some important speeches, comments or quotes by certain characters.
Like I stated earlier, literature is a complex subject that requires effective study for an excellent result.having determination conveyed by hard work give speedingly rise to success, apply all this and your A1 in literature examination is absolutely guaranteed. thank you.

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