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Lists Of Ph.D Programs That Don’t Require GRE

GRE is short for Graduate Record Examinations. GRE is a widely accepted test used to determine how likely an applicant would succeed in graduate school. Graduate school meaning schools that offer Master’s or Doctoral degrees. The GRE is created and organized by ETS (Educational Testing Service). GRE tests applicants on Analytical writing, Verbal reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. Whether an applicant’s score is good enough for a graduate program is dependent on the graduate school’s requirements.

The GRE is so popular that most students believe taking the test is a must for graduate school. This isn’t the case at all, as some schools do not require GRE. There are even cases of schools that do not require GRE for certain graduate programs.

PhD. Programs That Don’t Require GRE

Finding a graduate school with PhD programs that don’t require a GRE is rare, especially onsite PhD programs. Some Onsite schools might not require a GRE from an applicant with a graduate degree, or that meet some set requirements. It is important to note this is your search for PhD programs that don’t require GRE. PhD level programs that are created with undergraduate applicants in mind are more likely to require a GRE. Below is a list of PhD programs that do not require GRE alongside the school that offers the program.

Doctor of Nursing Practice (Simmons College)

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is designed for advanced practice nurses and nurse leaders with professional experience. It does not require a GRE Test but it requires a Master’s degree in nursing or a related program. Admission requirements include evidence of RN license in good standing and board certification in an advanced practice speciality. At least two years post-masters experience as a nurse manager or nurse executive. Applicants are also required to have taken an undergraduate statistics course during their undergraduate degree in the last 7 years. For more admission requirements click the link above to see the program’s requirements.

Online Doctor of Computer Science (Colorado Technical University)

This program is designed for computer professionals and consultants. The program is designed to be flexible to fit around student’s work-life schedules. The program has multiple start dates in a year, so applicants have a variety of options to pick from. There are in-person symposium experiences for applicants to enjoy too. The Dissertation development integrated into the program and the program can be completed in 3 years. Colorado Technical University also has grants and scholarships admitted students can take advantage of. Colorado Technical University is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

Doctor of Psychology (California Southern University)

This program is for individuals interested in increasing their knowledge of clinical issues in psychology and practice application in Professional Psychology. The curriculum is designed to meet the educational requirement for a clinical psychologist in California. The program’s curriculum has a variety of elective courses to choose from and opportunities for practical experience. The program lasts for 4 -5 years. The program requires applicants to possess a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology or a relative course. California Southern University is located in Costa Mesa, California, USA.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Information Systems (Nova Southeastern University)

This program has a mix of online and onsite activities allowing professionals to combine work and study. The program is well suited for professionals in fields like project management, information security, and information system planning. A PhD in information systems equips information technology professionals with the skills and knowledge required to create solutions for real-world information system problems. This program is for those who hold a master’s degree in a relative course. A minimum GPA of 3.25 is required. The Nova Southeastern University is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Online Doctor of Business Administration (Walden University)

There are sixteen disciplines for you to specialize your Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in at Walden University. Disciplines such as Healthcare Management, Finance, Information Systems Management, Homeland Security, Accounting, Energy Management, and Entrepreneurship. Having a DBA not only identifies you as a knowledgeable person but as an expert ready to take on leadership roles at the workplace. Walden University is an online University, so the programs they offer are entirely online. There are other accredited PhD programs at Walden University that do not require a GRE.

Doctor of Management (Colorado Technical University)

This program is for management professionals. This program requires applicants to have previously completed a master’s degree. This program has four concentrations applicants can pick from. The Doctor of Management program teaches its students in a way that enables them to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. The overall aim of this program to empower students with the flexibility to apply their expertise to a wide range of industries.

PhD in Social Work (Smith College)

A GRE is not required for this program however, applicants are required to have post-masters professional experience. This program will increase your capacity to think critically concerning the knowledge of clinical practice and clinical social work. It allows enables its students to think critically about the knowledge, value, and skills relevant to clinical social work practice.

Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership (NorthCentral University)

PhD in Organizational Leadership equips students with the knowledge and skills to evaluate important theories. It also teaches how to use the acquired skill to contribute to the existing knowledge in the field of organizational leadership. This program has accreditation from Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). This program is a one on one teaching and training with doctoral faculty members. It is flexible, its start dates are every Monday and it lasts for about three years. Potential careers those that study this course can go into are Management Analysis, Business Teaching, General and operational Managers. Grants and scholarships are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the PhD programs listed above accredited?
Yes, they are.

The course I want to study is not listed above where can I find more PhD programs that do not require GRE?
You can check the universities listed above. They might have other PhD programs that do not require GRE.

What are other typical PhD Programs that may not require a GRE?
Other PhD programs that are not likely to require a GRE are Criminal Justice, Education, public policy, Theology, and Ministry.


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