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Top 15 Best Pilot schools in South Africa

Finding a great pilot school is essential to becoming a great pilot. This is why in this article; just we have done in providing the Best Law Schools in South AfricaElectrical Engineering courses in South Africa, Top 4 Postgraduate Nursing Courses in South Africa and so on, I will be showing you some notable pilot schools in South Africa.

As you may know, South Africa has some of the best schools in the world where quality education can be found one of such institutions is the Pilot schools.

Pilot schools in South Africa


Pilot schools in South Africa

Here’s a list of 15 pilot schools in South Africa

  • Skyhawk Aviation
  • Blue Chip Flying School
  • AAA 4 Pilots
  • 43 Air School
  • Progress Flight Academy
  • Eagle Air Flight School
  • Virginia Flight School
  • Morningstar Flight School
  • Cape Town Flight Training Centre
  • Johannesburg Flying School
  • Cranfield Aviation Training
  • Aeronav Academy
  • Algoa Flight Center
  • Heidelberg Flight School
  • Afrika Union Aviation Academy

Piloting goes beyond just knowing how to fly an aircraft or steer a vessel. There are navigational terms, visual references and more than a potential pilot must learn to safely handle an aircraft.

If you’re looking to become a great pilot, the listed schools are worthy options you can choose from. However, you might not be able to make a sound decision if you know little or nothing about these schools. And so, to help inform your decision, I will be reviewing these schools and showing you what they offer. Sit tight and read through.

Let’s get started.

1. Skyhawk Aviation

Skyhawk Aviation is one of the reputable pilot schools in South Africa providing high standard pilot training. It provides a comprehensive overview of commercial aviation. If you’re looking to become a commercial pilot, Skyhawk Aviation is an open option as the school looks to navigate you through the path of commercial piloting.

Whether it’s commercial piloting or you just want to get a private pilot’s license, this South African aviation school helps you achieve your goal. The school is rated one of the best in the country as a result of its well-equipped training environment, experienced flight instructors, available aircraft for practical learning and a host of other facilities provided to give the highest form of pilot training available in South Africa.

It runs an approved maintenance organization which allows for the maintenance of the school’s aircraft, plus, they provide third party maintenance to aircraft owners giving students the opportunity to gain a handful of knowledge of aircraft maintenance. They offer services that include; career guidance, aviation training and client accommodation.

Address: Gate 5, Hanger 30, Lanseria International Airport, Airport Rd, Lanseria, 1738, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 701 2622

2. Blue Chip Flying School

The blue-chip flight school has proven beyond doubt to be one of South Africa’s finest aviation schools. For more than 25 years, it has trained private and commercial pilots and provided licenses to tons of people. Those seeking to obtain a private pilot license, commercial pilot license or an airline transport pilot license can do so in this school.

The flight school prides itself as one with adequate facility and technology to efficiently train students to become state-of-the-art pilots. It has a well-facilitated environment that allows for adequate and efficient flight training. Additionally, studying in blue-chip flying school gives you the opportunity to meet unique individuals with an amazing passion for flying.

The passion of each student is recognized and nourished as instructors have a workable relationship with students. Discipline and professionalism are core values that are instilled in students and instructors

provide close guidance to pilot students.


Address: Main Terminal Building, Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria, South Africa

Phone: +27 12 543 3050

3. AAA 4 Pilots

 AAA 4 pilot school, one of South Africa’s leading pilot schools is committed to training and raising competent and world-class pilots with a high level of excellence in aviation. The institution is approved by the South Africa Civil Aviation Authority (CAA No/0294). It offers airline pilot training to national and international students alike.

The best airline training can be gotten from AAA 4 pilots. This is largely because they use the most traditional means to train students to become admirable pilots in the aviation industry. With its team of skilled instructors, pilot students are assured of the best training available in the country.

Whether you’re pursuing a commercial pilot license or a private pilot license, training is open on a full time and part-time basis. They offer from the scratch (ab-initio) training or you can continue from wherever you stopped. Training courses available at the academy include PPL, night rating. CPL, ground school lectures, ATPL, instructor rating, instrument rating, hire & fly, foreign license validations, simulator training, radiotelephony courses, conversions and renewals.

With its facilities, students can enjoy comfort even with the rigorous training to ensure a settled and ready mind. These facilities include free computer-based training, flight briefing room, state of the art lecture room, swimming pool, recreational area and a kitchen.


Address: Hanger #8, Virginia Airport, Durban North, Durban 4051

Email: [email protected]

Phone:+27 848 938341

4. 43 Air School

A place for world-class pilot training is what 43 Air School offers. With over 6,000 graduates, the academy still looks to train more qualified and capable hands. The school’s instructors are among some of the best in the industry. They provide professional guidance to students.

43 Air school has the largest fleet of aircraft and modern facilities readily available for training. Every essential needed for effective training are made available at the school; dedicated area for flying training, access to training facilities and low air traffic density.  All of these are put together to give quality training. The school is well suited to ensure step by step training and advancement of the cadet pilot.

A wide range of training aids and programs are offered. Also, specialized modules like, multi-crew co-operation training, upset recovery training, crew resource management and more are offered. 43 Air School has 75 instructors, 9 simulators, 240 staff, 70 aircraft, and 300 students.


Phone : +27 46 604 3600

Email[email protected]

Address: Private Bag x43 Port Alfred 6170

5. Progress Flight Academy

An academy with a mission dedicated to developing pilots with a professional attitude and a genuine operational capability at a reasonable cost. The institution is committed to providing a pilot career programme, an Airline pilot programme, professional pilot-integrated training and training students into professionals.

Progress Flight Academy goes beyond the usual modular course offered by most flight schools to provide an integrated course that is based on the best international practice standard approved by European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA). Its flight hours exceed that of modular course schools. When calculated you get a total of 235 hours over the 200 hours of modular course school.

Ultra-modern fleet, safe training area, accommodation to students, well-suited training environment makes for a worthy Flight School. If you’re looking to go beyond the usual, Progress Fight School gat you covered.


Address: Progress Aerodrome  Port Elizabeth P.O. Box 574, Hunters Retreat, 6017 South Africa

Phone: +27 41 394 1000

6. Eagle Air Flight School

Eagle Air Flight School is a registered training institution under the South Africa Aviation Authority. It is committed to giving students the needed assistance and proper guidance they need to become the best they can be. At Eagle Air, student safety is a top priority and to achieve this they engage the most famous maintenance facility available at the airport.

Different courses and programs are available at the school; the private pilot license comprises of the flight training course and eight subjects, Night Rating includes; theoretical knowledge instruction, fourteen hours flight time, including 14 takeoffs and landings. The commercial pilot license includes nine subjects aimed at training students to the level of proficiency so they can operate as co-pilot on multi-pilot or multi-engine aeroplanes and obtain CPL(A)/IR and ATP theory licenses. Other programs include; multi-engine and instrument flight ratings.


Phone: +27 (0)12 543 1929

Address: Hangar 58A, Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria, 0084,

7. Virginia Flight School

A fixed-wing flight training organization provides step by step training that ensures efficiency and consistent growth and development of the pilot. The organization provides one-on-one training development to individual students. This helps to develop pilot students into professional pilots to meet the ever-growing demands of the aviation industry.

At Virginia Flight School, the private pilot license programme begins your training. The flight school starts training students from the PPL, then move to the Night rating, followed by the commercial pilot license which might include instrument rating. Other rating programmes can be added providing the pilot with added skill and marketability.

It is open to students with a passion for flying and a willingness to learn and accept instructions. This virtue promotes learning, relationship and professionalism.


Address: Virginia Flight School, Virginia Airport, 220 Fairway, Durban North, 4051


Phone: +27 (0)31 563 2080 / Fax +27 (0)31 563 0945


8. Morningstar Flight School

Morningstar Flight School situated near the general flying zone ensures students don’t have any wasted time waiting for air traffic during training sessions. Its location gives a better view for practical flight training. Even if you have no basic knowledge of aircraft, Morningstar offers introductory classes to feed you on the basics.

Instructors at the school are passionate about flying and can communicate enthusiastically all there is to flying and becoming the best in the aviation sector. Morningstar instructors are readily available to train students from sunrise to sunset on a part-time and full-time basis.

Each student gets personalized attention allowing individual uniqueness and learning pace. The academy operates throughout the year, sunrise to sunset, Sunday to Monday, no closing except Christmas and New Year’s Day. Flight training offered include CPL, PPL, National pilots’ license (NPL), Night rating, instrument rating and instructor rating.


Phone: +27 21 569 3726

Email: [email protected]

Address: Morningstar Airfield Van Schoorsdrif Road N7 Cape Farms Cape Town Western Cape South Africa 7441

9. Cape Town Flight Training Centre

An enjoyable flying location makes the school unique for flight training. Cape Town is a picturesque city with a Mediterranean looking climate. Flying in this city gives a beautiful view and makes it enjoyable.

The academy is dedicated to intense pilot training of all forms. It has a wide variety of training programmes that are structured to meet the demands of the aviation industry. They include PPL, CPL, class rating, foreign license validation, SACCA certified commercial pilot license ground school, single-engine simulator training, multi-engine simulator training, Night rating, multi-engine rating and a host of other training available.

Its mission is to make aviation affordable, accessible and fun for all. They look to achieve the highest standard of flying, ensure good airmanship through continuous learning and also conduct general aviation in a safe environment.


Address:  Cape Winelands Airport (formerly Fisantekraal Airfield) Lichtenburg Road Durbanville Western Cape South Africa.

Tel: +27 (0) 21 976 7053 or  +27 (0) 84 4407922

Email: [email protected]

10. Johannesburg Flying School

Johannesburg Flying School, one of South Africa’s oldest flying schools with over 40 years of experience is committed to raising world-class pilots. It has been in operation since 1981 and has produced over 3,000 graduates from around the globe.

With a mission to provide quality pilot training as well as maintain a highly professional and personal affiliation with students, the academy engages in a one-on-one training session with each student, helping them cultivate the needed skills to become a great pilot. Instructors and staff at the academy are dedicated to full-time flight training, providing step by step guide and support to students. Discipline and professionalism are core to the school.

Facilities available at Johannesburg are intended to build students into great pilots through theoretical and practical training. This well-fitted school is set to give students the best form of flight training possible. They offer training to both national and international students. This has been their practice for years; different people from all works of life are welcomed at the flight school.

They offer varieties of programs and training courses targeted at raising both private and commercial pilots who are highly marketable.


Address: Rand Airport Opposite Main Terminal building Germiston Johannesburg, South Africa.

Telephone: 0027 (0) 11 827 9827 or 0027 (0) 11 824 3990

11. Cranfield Aviation Training

Cranfield Aviation prides itself as a leading aviation training organization providing international standard training to students.  The aviation school also provides flight attendant training to interested candidates as well as aviation courses to flight crew members required by law to go through recurrent training annually.

Continuous research, development of techniques, materials and aids ensure quality training and service delivery at the highest standard. Week in week out all through the year courses are offered at the school providing no room for lagging but ensuring hard work, professionalism and dedication. Its facilities are sufficient enough to give a standard pilot training.


Address: 90 4th Road Chartwell, Fourways Johannesburg, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 708 2588/98 or  +27 82 341 1353

Email: [email protected]

12. Aeronav Academy

Providing safe and quality flight training is a top priority in Aeronav Academy. Staff and lecturers are dedicated to seeing that students get quality and professional training while still being friendly and easy to communicate with. A conducive training environment plus a well-maintained fleet of modern aircraft allows for standard and safe training.

The academy is located at one of the busiest airports in the country affording students the opportunity to learn by observation and involvement. It offers flight and ground school training for commercial pilot licenses, private pilot licenses, foreign pilot license conversion, flight instructor ratings, multi-engine ratings, instrument ratings, validation and hour building.

Whether you want to fly for pleasure or for commercial purposes, Aeronav is open to making your desire a reality. The Fleet at the school is carefully selected to ensure safe, quality, enjoyable and cost-effective training. Beginners can find comfort in knowing the school trains students right from the ABCs of piloting.


Address: Aeronav Academy Gate 9a Lanseria Airport Gauteng South Africa

Telephone: + 27 11 701 3862

13. Algoa Flight Center

Algoa Flight Center popularly known as The Algoa Flying Club is one of the oldest and most well-established flight schools in South Africa providing all forms of flight training as well as self-hire.  It is well known and respected in the country. It has provided standard training to pilot students over the years and is committed to doing more.

Instructors are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and experience with students. They are equally committed to training competent and qualified pilots who will meet the standard of the aviation world.

It provides a friendly and welcoming training environment, a well-fitted fleet of aircraft and an ever-ready team willing to assist students in becoming the best in the field. Beginners and advanced pilots can find an environment suited to meet individual needs


Address: Port Elizabeth International Airport, General Aviation Area, Boeing Street, Schoenmakerskop Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 6011

Phone: +27 041 581 3274

14. Heidelberg Flight School

Heidelberg Flight School is open to interested candidates willing to receive high standard pilot training. The school looks to provide quality and standard training to students. It offers flight training courses that seek to improve your knowledge and capability in piloting.

Its location and training space is great to provide safety training. The airfield at Heidelberg is registered under the SACAA and in good condition, ensuring your safety and quality training.

If a flight school with adequate training space is what you desire, Heidelberg Flight School is a great choice. In addition to its beautiful training area, the school provides courses that also enhance your theoretical and practical knowledge.


Phone:  +27 83 395 4200

15. Afrika Union Aviation Academy

Afrika Union Aviation Academy boasts of having the second-largest civilian runway on the continent with modern airport facilities such as; two non-directional beacons (NDN), night flying facilities, an instrument landing system (ILS) and high-frequency Omni range (VOR). The airport is well suited to give adequate training knowledge you will need in the aviation world.

The academy is accredited by SSCAA and the transport education and training association (TETA). These accreditations are done primarily to protect students against low-quality training programmes. AUAA is factored to give only high standard training. All its training syllabi are authorized by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Students are check-flown from time to time by the chief flying instructor or the assistant to ensure students are always up to date with the training provided.


Phone: +27 76 950 9723 




Is South Africa good for pilot training?

Yes, it is. Pilot training in South Africa is at a very low cost, plus; its summer climate provides a good environment for flying. South Africa is one of the best places to get quality pilot training.

How long does it take to become a pilot in South Africa?

 Becoming a pilot in South Africa will take about 12 to 18 months. However, this time frame will depend on the completion of your exams.

Do you need metrics to be a pilot?

No, you don’t need a metric to be a pilot. Though some situations may require it but having a certificate in metric isn’t needed to fly.

How many years does it take to be a pilot?

3-4 years.  If you’re looking to get a full education in piloting, you should expect a three to four years training programme.

Do you need physics to be a pilot in South Africa?

You do. Though the country does not place any compulsory subject as a requirement, it’s best you get a good knowledge in geography, math, English and science which will assist you in your theoretical exams.

What are the requirements to become a pilot in South Africa? 

  • The student must be 16 years and above
  • Should obtain a class 1 or 2 medical certificate
  • Students must have completed aircraft technical
  • Should have an International Civil Aviation Organization language proficiency certificate (optional)
  • Completed an Airlaw exam
  • The student should be in possession of 2 passport photographs.


Finding the right pilot school ensures better training. In this article, I have outlined and reviewed 15 pilot schools in South Africa and answered some frequently asked questions. It’s now in your hands to select from the options which school best communicates your need. 


I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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