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Education is one of the primary and most important features of a child’s intellectual growth and the role it plays in the shaping of kids into society is unparallel. Of all stages of education, elementary school or primary education is the most fundamental and most important of it all and its one that affects your child’s intellectual aptitude for time to come, so it’s necessary to make sure is perfect, so we would be looking at private elementary schools in Montreal.

Well be looking at a list of private elementary schools in Montreal, and I would be exploring every nitbit about the topic to make sure you are well informed about the whole process.

What is the Educational System in Canada like

Even though, err are talking about private elementary schools in Montreal, its expedient that you understand what the educational system of Canada, where Canada is located is like before sending your child to private elementary schools in Montreal.

Although there are slight variations in some provinces, all children in Canada are bound under law to attend school till age  16, the levels of education are divided into;


This is the first stage of education in Canada and this applies to Quebec and Montreal,  children between the ages of four to five attend pre-elementary school before they start elementary school, in the provinces of   New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, pre-elementary school is compulsory but is optional elsewhere.

Just like most forms of education, pre-elementary schooling is available in public, private or federal schools and it’s a choice of finance and preference where your child would attend. It’s mostly free in tandem with the free education system of Montreal but for the private elementary schools in Montreal, they are not, in some places like  Quebec and Montreal,  free kindergarten for those from low-income families or for children with disabilities is a law that has been implemented.

The  curriculum for this level of education is mostly educational and playful so your child is safe in any private elementary school in Montreal, basically, they  learn the alphabet, basic skills such as counting, pre-reading, music, art, and social skills, basically, the curriculum is made to prepare children for their next step of education and give them a good foundation


Primary/Elementary school in Canada is mandatory by law and you would be jailed did it discovered that your ward isn’t attending one so that’s something important to bear in mind, it starts with grade 1 when the kids are at ages of 6 or 7 till grade 6 at the ages of 11 to 12, and is the greatest foundational system of Canadian education.

Here at elementary school whether it is in private elementary schools in Montreal or public the setting is the same, they have one teacher that teaches them all subjects in the same classroom with the option n Special education classes available.

The elementary school covers reading, math,   Lexis and structure of English language (French in Quebec and Montreal), General history, science and advanced texts for special classes, social studies, physical education with no exception of arts and crafts, naturally difficulty increases as students advance in grades till they graduate, it is taken very seriously. So if you should ever consider private elementary schools in Montreal for your child, know that they will have the best.


This is the last part of education before university level in Montreal and Canada s a whole and it’s divided into junior high school and high school, as expected Junior high school is the class the students enter after finishing their elementary school education and junior high school lasts for two years in the grades of 7 and 8.

Junior high school is designed to make students get used to switching classrooms and teachers helping students best prepare for their next step of education with the difficulty of courses increased greatly.

The last and final part is High school when students reach grade 8, and they stay for 4 years till grade 11 or 12 which they graduate from at an age range of 16 to 18.

Please note, by Canadian law and the laws of Montreal, children must attend school till 16, not caring what grade they are in till that age, then they may be free to exit but In the provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick, students must stay in school till 18 or until they have successfully earned a high school diploma when it comes to Montreal secondary education ends in grade 11, followed by a two-year pre-university program known as Cegep, so as someone interested in private elementary schools in Montreal, this is something that you must take note of.

The educational ministers of Canada have carefully and thoughtfully designed their curriculum in order to best prepare students for higher education some  even offering job training at the high school level, like I said above, Canada is truly a place that focuses on its educational purpose

Post-Secondary Education

Graduated students are given the opportunity to apply to colleges and universities once done with schooling, please note that college means something different here from the USA counterpart,  College here refers to a smaller community college or a specific trade school where most students will attend college to further prepare themselves for university and obtain credits that can be transferred over, so if you should be preparing your child for private elementary school, prepare for this.

Cost of Elementary School in  Montreal, Quebec

Public school is free from kindergarten to high school meaning no tuition fees for going to kindergarten, elementary school or high school, public education is free until the age of 18, or until 21 for someone with a disability so when it comes to education, the city of Montreal has its citizens when the cost comes.

Please note though that although school Textbooks are free, your ward will pay for school supplies, like pencils, paper, binders and copybooks and must take good care of whatever the school lets them use because If they damage anything, their parents might have to pay for it. Public school is free but not private, the cost of a private elementary school in Montreal is quite affordable for a standard household. The national average private school tuition is $11,844 per year in Montreal and The private elementary school in Montreal cost is $10,856 per year.

Admission requirements for Private Elementary Schools in Montreal

There is no admission requirements as a private elementary school in Montreal as well as the public is mandatory from five years of age.

Best Private Elementary Schools in Montreal

The Priory

This is one of the best private elementary schools in Montreal,  its  premier coeducational school specializing in elementary education with the sole aim of the fact that  “Happy Children Learn Best.” They are focused in practices in early childhood education that guarantee a great foundation intellectually and socially for their students. It prides itself as a place where imagination and creativity are celebrated and not shunned,  where meaningful learning takes place in a nurturing and caring environment and the Priory achieves these with excellent staff who are talented in teaching.  Tuition: $18,626 to 20,360/year

Kuper Academy

Another worthy mention on the list of best private elementary schools in Montreal, this school is a popular private, non-subsidized, coeducational elementary school located on the West Island of Montreal., it is quite an amazing school with an impressive modern building complex with facilities such as two libraries,  gymnasiums, four-sport playing fields,  science and computer laboratories and so much more. Tuition:$5,121 to 16,222/year

The Study

This is a school that caters for girls, started as far back as 1915 and is one of Montreal’s premier girls’ schools. The school dedicates its activities to the development of character, confidence and visionary thinking of its amazing female population, it achieves this with a  rapport of teachers that offer a warm and stimulating mother-tongue bilingual environment to students.

Features of the school;

  • Academic Excellence
  • Bilingual lining
  • Innovation Lab which science engaged learning spaces, where students are focused on design thinking with coding practice.

Tuition: $22,860 to 25,810/year

Lower Canada College

This school is popular for being a good university-preparatory and it is one of the reasons why it’s so popular. It is a school that deserves to be one of the best elementary schools in Montreal, with its   7-acre campus, rich history, and an inspiring team of staff,  and talented students. It is quite a fierily academic school with extensive co-curricular offerings that include athletics, arts, service, debating and so much more.

Features of the school include.

  • Welleuipped gymnasiums and sport centers
  • A climbing facility
  • Well stocked libraries
  • Auditoriums
  • A technological zone
  • A ballroom
  • An indoor ice field for skating
  • Art Galleries

Tuition: $18,070 to 24,155/year

Alexander von Humboldt German International School

AvH is a school worthy of its title of one of the best elementary schools in Montreal, and this is for many reasons, it offers its students the German International Abitur which provides students with the opportunity to move from high school to university allowing them to study at  Canadian, German universities.

Tuition: $8,000 to 12,275/year

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