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Best Private Schools in Etobicoke

Private Schools in Etobicoke

Finding the right school for your child can be daunting. Parents looking to give their children the best form of education can find the task of selecting the right school uneasy as they are faced with a whole lot of options. Therefore, to narrow your options and inform your decisions, I have provided a list of the best private schools in Etobicoke.

Here are my opinion on the best private schools in Etobicoke (in no particular order):

  1. Kingsway College School
  2. Vincent Massey Academy
  3. Quo Vadis Elementary School
  4. Kingsley Primary School
  5. Olivet School
  6. New Haven Learning Centre

These schools are committed to creating a sustainable and engaging learning environment with an assurance of academic transcend for your kids.

If giving your child the best legacy is your ardent need, then selecting from these schools can be your best pick. Knowing you can only select one school at a time, I have dedicated this post to reviewing these school and showing you what your kids stand to enjoy.

You should find a school that would adequately meet the needs of your child from this list of private schools in Etobicoke.

Best Private Schools in Etobicoke

Kingsway College School

Kingsway College School is on my list of best private schools in Etobicoke because of the school’s prowess in teaching basic success habits. Certain habits have been proven to support and breed success in life, and at KCS, students are taught these success habits and encouraged to imbibe them. Core habits such as persistence, resilience, making a difference and leadership capabilities frame the foundation of its educational system.

Using its four doors to learning program in Academics, Arts, Athletics and Citizenship, students get to explore so much through these programs which in turn unveils hidden talents and interests. With the small class sizes, teachers pay better attention to students and their wellbeing.

Vincent Massey Academy

Vincent Massey Academy is known for its avowal to early education. It seeks to nurture young minds, preparing them for higher education and life. Students at VMC are exposed to their potential and abilities early in life as they are given the convenience to express themselves and find their interest.

They offer a Reggio-inspired program which challenges students to explore their curiosity. The school’s facilities make for an amazing learning environment, students get to enjoy a safe and conducive learning atmosphere which accommodates different learning abilities and interest.

Quo Vadis Elementary School

I love this school particularly for its added program which teaches students polish language and culture. Quo Vadis Elementary School prides itself as one-of-a-kind independent Catholic day school that offers a fully bilingual Polish-English academic program. It is devoted to its goal of ensuring students capture and put to use their potential as they strive for academic success.

However, the teachings of the Christian faith and values isn’t left out. Even in an academic environment, teachers look to promote the spiritual life of students as well as discipline and character. Additional they offer hot lunch program, plus school care, before and after school from 8:15 am, and extended to 5:30 pm.

Kingsley Primary School

One of the many boon of private schools is small class sizes and reduced teacher to student ratio. At Kingsley Primary School, attributable to its small class size, teachers have personalized relationship with each student which ensures that each child is seen, heard and respected. A personal approach is used in teaching the Ontario Curriculum which aid promoting unique potential and talent.

Various extracurricular activities are open to students. The school also teaches students French, music, and physical education.

Olivet School

A nurturing academic environment is key to adequate learning. Olivet School provides such an environment. The school provides a nourishing environment that features care, respect, responsibility, honesty and discipline. Students are trained to lead Godly lives and pursue academic excellence.

Gifts and talents receive applauds and are given sufficient attention to secure fully developed talents at the end of the day. Students can be sure to explore their gifts and talents efficiently at Olivet. Personalized attention, development of strong character, a safe, supportive and well fitted learning environment for students are offered in one package called Olivet School. Parents seeking to enroll their children in a great private school can open their minds to this beautiful school.

New Haven Learning Centre

Students living with autism spectrum disorder, can be at peace studying at New Haven Learning Centre. Six lovely families saw the need to educate these kids and made every effort to establish this center to help these kids maximize their potential.

The school’s programming targets the three main areas of impairment that children with autism face—speech and non-verbal communication, social interaction, and repetitive and restrictive behaviors, expounded Sandra Hughes, executive director of New Haven Learning Centre. Satisfied staff supervises these kids and make every available effort to ensure learning takes place and potentials are harnessed.


Are there Private Schools in Etobicoke? 

Yes, there are a number of private schools in Etobicoke that are great for your kids. Parents looking to enroll there wards in a good private school can find one in Etobicoke.

Are Private Schools in Etobicoke Expensive?

Private schools are funded by private organizations and individuals and they depend heavily on tuition fees and other payments to run the school effectively. Therefore private schools tends to be more expensive. This applies also to private schools in Etobicoke.

Are there Public Schools in Etobicoke?

Yes, Etobicoke houses some very great public schools where kids can get consummate education and develop their potential.

Editors Recommendation

One of the basic needs of a child is education, which most parents have taken sole responsibility to provide for their kids. However, parents struggle to find just the right school for their wards. Well, if you ask me, Etobicoke has great private schools but I believe Kingsway College School stands taller than all. Its four doors to learning program covers almost every area of a child’s life that needs to be developed.

While, children with autism spectrum disorder can find a school to call home and enjoy education if New Haven Learning Center is the school their parent chooses.  I can emphatically say that New Haven Learning Centre provides for the individual needs of children with autism spectrum disorder adequately.


One of the best gifts you can ever give a child is education, education in the right learning environment. I have reviewed private schools in Etobicoke that I believe offers the best education possible. After reading this article, I trust you can now make your pick from the list provided and ensure your child gets only the best education.


I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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