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The Best Private Schools in Oshawa

In this article, I will be showing you the best private schools in Oshawa and why I have selected these schools.

Private Schools in Oshawa

Every child deserves proper education and this requires finding a school that seeks not only to groom a child academically but is also genuinely interested in the total formation of the child. This is what private schools in Oshawa offers your ward.

However, in this article, I will be sharing with you some of the privates schools in Oshawa I believe stands out amongst others.

In my opinion, the best private schools in Oshawa are:

  1. Immanuel Christian School
  2. Brouillet Academy
  3. Durham elementary, Durham Academy and GBMS
  4. Joy Preschool Calvary Baptist Church

Parents looking to give their wards comprehensive education can do so with these schools. My reasons are embedded below as I will be reviewing these schools and their available packages. If you would like to know why I have added them to the list, this article is an important read for you.

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My Opinion on The Best Private Schools in Oshawa

Consummate education goes beyond just academics, it cuts across various strata of a child’s whole being, and this is what these private schools offer. The academic, emotional, physical, and mental well-being of students is priority to them.

Immanuel Christian School

Parents seeking a good Christian school, committed to nurturing kids in the way of the Lord as well as ensuring academic success can trust Immanuel Christian School with such task. It offers strong academic and Christian instructions.

Through the support of staff students grow daily, academically and spiritually in a conducive learning environment. Teachers at ICS are qualified and certified by Ontario ministry of education. They school ensures that students get the best form of teaching possible in Oshawa through the hands of qualified teachers.

Brouillet Academy

The ability to properly communicate in other languages is truly beautiful. Personally, learning to speak French on my own hasn’t been so fruitful but here’s Brouillet Academy eager and enthusiastic in teaching kids how to efficiently communicate in French.

Brouillet Academy was founded by Martine Brouillet a francophone born, raised in Montreal. She actively supports bilingualism (ability to speak two languages) and is passionate in sharing this philosophy with others.

The creation of the school was born out of her dream to provide accessibility to French classes and tutoring to children in an academic and engaging environment. French classes are also open to adults. They offer online and one-on-one French classes.

Durham Elementary, Durham Academy, and GBMS

After each academic session, parents are eager to see a report card which tells a child’s academic performance. You feel great when you child excels academically, this is what Durham elementary, Durham Academy and GBMS propose for each student.

Academic excellence is core for the school, it is committed to maintaining the highest standard of academic excellence and ensuring that each student is given liberal opportunity to learn with the help of its teachers and entire workforce. They offer academic programs and extracurricular activities, with available facilities to back them up, such as library, well equipped gymnasium and outdoor sports field, etc. Away from that, day-care service to kids from 18 months of age is provided at the school.

Joy Preschool Calvary Baptist Church

Joy Preschool provides adequate child education to your little one. The need to prepare a child for formal education is principal to the preschool. With its child-care programs, children get a glimpse of elementary school system, making it easy for them to adapt when they eventually start elementary school.

Inclusive is its desire to instill Godly virtues in children. Students are taught to love and care for each other just as God loves and cares for us. Its state-of-the-art classrooms are provided to meet the needs of children, plus, the teachers are trained to sufficiently cater for each child. Parents can be at peace knowing their child is in good hands.


Are there Private Schools in Oshawa?

Yes there are private schools in Oshawa. There are pre-kindergarten schools (day care), kindergarten (preschool), elementary schools and secondary schools.

Are Private Schools Expensive?

With respect to individual financial strength, private schools can be expensive to some and affordable to another. However, looking at what private schools offers, its fee is fair. Plus, different schools pay different fees.

Are there public schools in Oshawa?

The city of Oshawa has several public schools dedicated to giving students their best and ensure that students excel academically.

Are public schools in Oshawa expensive?

No, public schools in Oshawa are not expensive. Unlike private schools, public schools do not require students to pay tuition fees, except for little charges that might be needful.

Final thought

Children, they say, are leaders of tomorrow. This statement can truly be possible if we give our kids proper education. The schools mentioned on this article can promote this course of “tomorrow’s leaders”.


I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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