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8 Reasons To Study In South Africa as an International Student

South Africa, a country in the southernmost part of Africa is one of the most developed countries in the world and the most developed country in Africa.

It is the 24th most populated country in the world and its capital city, Johannesburg is its largest city and is popularly called Joburg or the city of gold.

Capetown is its second-largest city and is home to a few prestigious universities such as the University of Cape Town.

If you want to go beyond shores and study outside your country as an international student, South Africa would be a great choice. You’ll know why in a jiffy.

Benefits of Studying in South Africa

Apart from being home to a lot of students from all around the world, studying in South Africa comes with a whole lot of benefits.

These benefits are explicitly explained below.

1. Quality Education

One major benefit of studying in South Africa as an international student is the high quality of education the South African government offers.

Many of its universities excel in certain disciplines, amongst which developmental studies is top. The academic calendar usually begins from early February and can continue into the last days of November, with two semesters and vacations in between. Exciting right?

As an international student, you can even decide to use a whole year to learn of the country’s diverse culture and languages, to better adapt to the environment and its system.

2. Affordable Tuition

The cost of living and school tuition is relatively cheap and student-friendly in South Africa. In fact, South Africa is well lauded by many to be one of the most affordable countries to live in. It helps students save a penny, two or more here and there and go on exciting vacations with friends when needed.

Additionally, its health care is very pocket friendly and high in quality and demand by both the locals and internationals.

A lot of people pour in at a regular to tap into these advantageous facilities especially it’s plastic surgery unit which is in high demand.

Therefore don’t miss out and make it amongst your top choices for a place of study or even, number one on that list.

3. Cultural Diversity And Good Academic Programs

South Africa is home to a lot of cultures and can be said to be the most multicultural country in the world.

With its very beautiful landscapes, archaeological sites, amazing wildlife which is home to some of the most eccentric animals in the world, gorgeous greenery and many more, it is definitely a good choice for tourism after a long period of study.

More so, during holidays when you have almost nothing to do and for lovers of travelling or sightseeing, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

South Africa is definitely one of nature’s own darling.

4. Friendly Weather

Have you ever experienced harsh weather conditions such as biting cold that seems as though an ear or a finger could fall off any moment? Or a smouldering sun that makes you want to take off all your clothes and just walk around naked due to gross discomfort? Or even a very dry atmosphere that seems as though you are in the deserts of the Sahara? Well, good news for you! You won’t experience all those in South Africa.

The South African weather is very friendly and warm, making outings very enjoyable and studies even more so. Everyone and everything thrives in warmth and friendliness, yes, studies included.

So, make South Africa one of your choices or even, your first choice for a place of study.

Who knows, you just may see yourself getting all those high grades you’ve always dreamed of.

5. Buoyant Economy

South Africa has many sectors which are sources of job opportunities for students who are also looking for extra means to earn a living and support themselves financially.

The ability of the South Africa government to bounce back from recession and other economical setbacks make it a very good choice for financial freedom.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a place to study with a good-paying side job, South Africa comes highly recommended.

6. Unique Learning And Teaching Styles

There are three categories of South African universities: traditional universities where theoretically oriented degrees are obtained; university of technology, also known as technikons, which provide vocational degrees and lastly the comprehensive universities, which take a combined approach.

Her universities are amongst the few that do not give students an overall grade with a level of honours for their bachelor’s degree i.e 1st or 2:1 but instead, students have the option of getting a bachelor’s degree after 3 years of study or can study an extra year to get their honours certification.

In this extra year, a research thesis that is in concordance with their specific area of study must be completed.

Also, unique learning opportunities are available in new, exciting fields such as environmental conservation, development studies and animal management with the chance to work alongside professionals and local communities.

7. Available Scholarship Programs

Scholarship opportunities are available and open to both citizens and foreigners, making the financial burden easier on students. One of such scholarships is the MasterCard scholarship which is a fully-funded scholarship available to both undergraduates and postgraduates.

8. Hospitable Citizens

As said by Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa and one at the forefront in the movement to end apartheid, the dream of a beautiful South Africa can be achieved on many roads, two of which are goodness and forgiveness.

This encourages hospitality as the aforementioned president is held in high esteem by the country’s citizens.

Warmth and friendliness of people in an environment encourage focus and attention to studies as there’s almost no room in one’s mind to be distracted by unfriendliness and an unwelcoming atmosphere.

Also, the presence of diverse races in the country helps to diminish or banish the feelings of loneliness that tend to creep in when one is in a strange land.


With all these, it is easy to see why South Africa is amongst the best choice for study for both local and international students looking for a place to study and not yet settled in their decisions.

Consider studying in South Africa and be rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.


I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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