Top 7 Scholarships for DACA Students in Georgia

Virtually every young person in Georgia wants to get a good education. And properly education will be quite incomplete without going to college.

It is not out of place for the average student from a home that is not very buoyant to have some form of financial challenges so long as going to college is concerned. This could even be worse for young people with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status.

Education will not get any cheaper. Nonetheless, DACA students in Georgia can have a very good education because of the existence of scholarships. There are several scholarships in Georgia and some of them are made specifically for DACA students.

Scholarships for DACA Students in Georgia

Are you a DACA student and are looking to apply for scholarships? Below are some of the scholarships you can apply for.

1. Cooke College Scholarship Program

This is an annual scholarship award that is worth $40,000. Every DACA student that is looking to apply for this award has to submit an application before the end of October. This scholarship is open to high school students. However, not just any high school student should apply for it. Every high-school senior that is looking to apply for this scholarship has to have very good grades.

Cooke College scholarship program is not just about paying for tuition. In addition to taking care of the cost of tuition, it covers general housing and supplies.

2. Golden Door Scholars

If you are a DACA student and are looking to apply for the Golden Door Scholarship, you will need to submit an application before the end of October. This scholarship is worth $40,000 and is open to college and high school students.

Although this scholarship might be regarded just like any other scholarship, it is slightly different. It was created for students that might have issues getting quality education because of citizenship. The Golden Door Scholarship is open to hardworking DACA students. So, if you think you have what it takes, you can apply.

3. Questbridge National Match Scholarship

If you are looking to apply for this scholarship, you have to submit an application before the end of September. Furthermore, it is open to High school seniors that are from homes that do not earn so much and are very good with their academics.

Due to the existence of the Questbridge National Match Scholarship, low income earning students can attend some of the best universities in Georgia without getting indebted.

Unlike some scholarships that only take care of tuition, this scholarship offers tuition and accommodation.

Although this scholarship is generally open to high school seniors, juniors are free to submit an application for the QuestBridge College scholarship.

4. PepsiCo Cesar Chavez Latino Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is worth $5000 and is open to college, as well as high school students. When looking to apply for the PepsicCo Cesar Chavez Latino Scholarship, you should submit an application before the end of July.

This scholarship is open to Latino students. This is obvious from its name. However, beyond simply being open to Latino students, all students looking to apply for this scholarship must do more than simply portray academic excellence. They should be volunteers in their environments and should also take part actively in extracurricular activities.

5. The Esperanza Education Fund

The Esperanza Education Fund is a scholarship that offers students financial assistance and more. It is worth $20,000 and if you are looking to apply for this scholarship, you will need to submit an application before the end of April. Since this scholarship comes up annually, if you miss it in one year, you can always apply next year.

Beyond simply providing financial assistance, students that get awarded this scholarship will enjoy professional mentorship without having to pay a dime. In as much as the amount that is gotten from this scholarship is great. Professional mentorship is even better.

This scholarship is quite loaded. So, when submitting an application form, always remember that whatever assistance you get other than financial will be lifelong.

6. Ascend Educational Fund

This is an annual scholarship with a deadline fixed for February. The implication of this is if you do not submit an application before the end of February, you will need to wait until next year before submitting an application.

The Ascend educational fund is open to high schools seniors and is worth $20,000. In addition to being open to high school sensors, this scholarship is for immigrant students in their first and second generation. While it could be assumed that this scholarship is about providing funds so immigrants that are not very privileged can get good quality education. It does more.

This scholarship is targeted at ensuring members of the immigrant community have the right professional achievements and enjoy higher education.

7. TheDream.US National Scholarship

TheDream US national scholarship closes in February every year and every student that qualifies for it gets awarded $29,000. Application for this scholarship is very easy. You simply need to submit an application to the official website of TheDream. US National Scholarship.

If you are a community college student or still in high school, you are eligible for this scholarship. Additionally, as a DACA student that has a major financial need that has not been sorted out, this is definitely one scholarship you should try out.

In as much as this scholarship is generally worth $29,000, the exact amount every student that gets awarded this scholarship receives is dependent on the type of program that they are running. Students chasing a bachelor’s degree will get 29, 000 when they get awarded by this scholarship. On the other hand, students chasing an associate degree will only receive $14, 500.

In addition to the amount received for tuition, a couple of scholars might get about $4,000 for transportation and textbooks.

Unlike some other scholarships that give students the opportunity to benefit from all that it offers for a single year, any student that gets awarded this scholarship might not need a different scholarship as this scholarship can be renewed yearly. All a scholar needs to have this scholarship renewed is to maintain eligibility demands.

What Should First Time Applicants for DACA know?

There are lots of scholarships open to DACA students. Well, regardless of the many scholarships that DACA students can apply for when applying for any DACA scholarship for the first time, there are things you should know to ensure you do everything the right way.

If you are qualified to apply for DACA scholarships, before submitting any application, it is important that you meet a legal advocate.

In as much as there are specific requirements for applying for various DACA scholarships, there are general requirements for students before they can be considered qualified to submit an application for any DACA scholarship. Any student that is not qualified to apply for a DACA scholarship will not need to border about knowing the various available DACA scholarships.

That being said, below are some of the requirements for students to meet before they are considered qualified for a DACA scholarship.

  • They should be at least 15 years of age before applying for a DACA scholarship.
  • if you must apply for a DACA scholarship, you should have never been convicted of a crime or a major misdemeanour.
  • Experienced an expiration of your legal immigration since June 15 2012, or did not go through any inspection while getting into the United States.
  • Came into the United States before the age of 16.

What exactly is DACA

It is important to know the many scholarships open to DACA students. Also, you should know what makes you qualified to be called a DACA student. Additionally, it is important that you know what exactly DACA is.

DACA is simply an acronym for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This program is simply a form of protection from deportation. This program does a lot. One of the major things it does is to ensure that people that got into the United States as children and illegally do not get deported. In addition to keeping these children safe from deportation, it also ensures that they get a work permit.

This program can expire. However, the good news is it can be renewed once it expires. So, its expiration should not be a problem.

How can DACA be Renewed?

If you must continuously enjoy the many scholarships available to DACA students in Georgia, then, it is important that you know just how to renew your DACA once it expires.

Renewing your DACA might not be difficult. Nonetheless, before going on to do it, you will have to get in touch with an attorney.

Once you are done consulting an attorney, put together the documents you will need. After you get all these documents, fill applications perfectly. This can be followed by submitting it.


There are other scholarships available to DACA students in Georgia. They all cannot be contained in this article. However, these are some of the reliable scholarships for DACA students you will find around.


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