8 Best Scholarships for Left-Handed Students in Georgia

Out of every ten people, you come across, there is the likelihood that eight are right-handed. This means left-handed people are a minority. While it is common knowledge that left-handed people are a minority, there is a lot that is yet unknown about left-handed people.

Generally, left-handed people are wired differently. Due to this, a good number of them are more musical and creative than mathematical.

Since there are lots of right-handed people in the world, most things are prepared for right-handed. Regardless of this, there are some packages that are prepared specifically for left-handed. One of them is scholarships.

List of Scholarships for Left-Handed Students in Georgia

There are quite a number of scholarships for left-handed people and contained in this article is scholarships for left-handed students in Georgia.

1. Thermo Fisher Scientific Antibody Scholarship

Are you a left-handed person resident in Georgia and looking to chase a career in scientific research? If yes, you could apply for the Thermo Fisher Scientific Antibody Grant. This grant is worth between $4000 and $5,000.

If you are looking to apply for this scholarship, you will need a major in life sciences, biochemistry, chemistry, or biology from a University in the United States that is accredited. When submitting your application, there are some documents you will need to supply. Some of them are a couple of recommendations, a curriculum vitae, and a transcript. Additionally, you must have an average grade point average of more than 3.0

2. Michael Yasick and Scholarship

This is a scholarship awarded to left-handed students that have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity.

When left-handed students get diagnosed with this disease, they receive $2,000 to cover part of the cost of their higher education. If you are left-handed and are looking to apply for this scholarship, you must have gotten admitted into an accredited university and should be residing in the United States legally. Additionally, you should have a document from a qualified medical professional that confirms this condition.

3. Rick Chase Foundation Scholarship

The Rick Foundation Scholarship is funded by the Association of Animated Image Archivists (AMIA). This scholarship is awarded to students chasing graduate studies in fields such as cinematograph or information and is worth $4000.

As a left-hander that is looking to apply for this scholarship, you should have gained admission into an accredited university in the United States, should show great leadership qualities, and should have a GPA of at least 3.0.

4. Lawyers Plus Southpaw Scholarship

If you are left-handed and looking to apply for this scholarship, you will need to submit an application before the 31st of July in the year you intend to submit an application.

This scholarship is funded by a Las Vegas-based law firm. Also, it is given to graduates of high school. Each student that qualifies for this award receives $1500 every year throughout the duration of the scholarship.

When looking to apply for this scholarship, you will need to record and send a video with a digital camera or your Smartphone. In this video, you should talk about how your training experience has been affected by left-handers.

5. James Beard Foundation National Scholarships

This is a lucrative scholarship and is perhaps one of the most lucrative for left-handers in Georgia. Students that qualify for this scholarship receive $20,000 every year. Although this scholarship is available to left-handed students in Georgia, it is not available to just any student.

Before applying for this scholarship, you should be studying a course in agriculture or hospitality management.

Some of the factors considered before one gets awarded this scholarship are community service, career dreams that are food-related, community service and leadership.

When looking to apply for this scholarship, you should do so before the 15th of May in the year you submit your application.

6. Ken C. Hicks Scholarship Program

Every year, Ken C. Hicks is made available to 20 students and it is worth $20,000. With Fort Locker funding this scholarship, if you are left-handed, are a student-athlete and are done with high school and are attending a university in the United States, you can submit an application.

You do not have to be a United States citizen to apply. So long you have a permanent US residency, you can apply for this scholarship.

To apply for this scholarship, you should be motivated, must not be an employee of Faoot Locker, and have a grade point average of 3.0.

7. Heineken USA Performing Arts Scholarship

This scholarship is open to students in Georgia that are left-handed and are studying performing arts such as theatre. Opera, music, drama, etc. This scholarship is worth $3000 and is awarded by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

Just like other scholarships available to left-handed students in Georgia, when looking to apply for the Heineken USA Performing Arts Scholarship, there are requirements you must meet. Some of them are you should be living legally in the United States, should be a citizen of the United States, and be African American. Also, you must have a GPA of at least 2.5 in an accredited university in the US.

That’s not all. You should have exhibited some leadership qualities and should be a full-time student. If you meet these requirements and are interested in applying for this scholarship, you have to submit an application before the 29th of April in the year you are applying.

8. Frank J. Richeter Scholarship Award

This scholarship is offered by the American Association of Rail Superintendents (AARS). It is worth $1000 and is just one of the many awards this association offers.

If you are interested in this scholarship, you should be a full-time student in an accredited university in Canada or the United States. Also, you must have gotten your bachelor’s degree and have a GPA of at least 2.75.

To get started, you will have to submit a couple of recommendations. This is in addition to writing a narrative text. If you are studying a course related to the transport sector, you stand a better chance than just any student.

What is the Proportion of the world’s Population that is Left-Handed?

Out of every ten people, you will come across, there is a likelihood that one will be left-handed. If this is anything to go by, it is safe to say 10% of the world’s population is left-handed.

Why Should You Apply for a Scholarship?

If you had enough money to fund your education without feeling any form of discomfort, you perhaps would not be reading this article. So the fact that you are on this article is an indication that you need to apply for a scholarship.

Furthermore, if most people had their way, they would not want to have a huge debt to pay after college. All things being equal, you might have to pay as much as $20,000 when done with school and this is definitely a tall order.

If you get out of college and get a high paying job immediately, then, paying the debt incurred during college might not be such a big deal. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not end up with a high paying job just after college. This means paying up a study loan after school is not very easy.

To help with settling their college loans, a lot of people head back to college to get their masters as they believe this will help them get high paying jobs. This might seem like a good step. However, to get this done, they even have to take more loans and this is not very good.

So, the average student might have plans to pay off their student loan. This, however, is not always very clear cut. To save yourself the complications involved with paying back a student loan, you should apply for a scholarship if you qualify for one.

You might not qualify for every single scholarship. This is to be expected. Nonetheless, you will qualify for quite some scholarships.

What Do Scholarships Take Care of?

The amount that is awarded as a scholarship is a major determinant of what it will take care of. Sometimes scholarships are small and will only help ease the burden of repaying a student loan. Other times they are large enough to cover the entire tuition.

Apart from scholarships offered by colleges, scholarships for left-handed people and other related scholarships are usually not worth so much.

Scholarships for left-handed people might not always seem large. Regardless of this, you should always apply for a scholarship when you have the opportunity. A few hundred dollars can go a long way in easing your financial burden.

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