Top 6 Scholarships for Muslim Students in USA

There are several religions in the world and of these many religions; Islam is one of the most prominent. The fact that Islam is one of the most prominent religions means it has several followers. Being a part of a major religion comes with several pecks. One of these merits is access to good quality education without going out of your way to make payments.

Muslim students all around the world can enjoy scholarships just for professing the Muslim faith. These scholarships are quite a lot and were established for different purposes. Some were set up for people in a particular field, others, for people from a particular part of the world, etc.

For the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on scholarships for Muslim students in the United States.

List of Scholarships for Muslim Students in USA

1. Fadel Education Foundation Grant

The Fadel educational foundation grant is open to permanent residents in the United States and United States citizens. Additionally, you have to be an incarcerated Muslim. Unlike certain scholarships that are purely based on merit and some others that are based on needs, applicants of the Fadel education foundation grant will only get this scholarship when their needs, as well as their academic abilities, are considered.

Application for this award should be done early in the year as selections are completed by the middle of July. If you send in an application for this scholarship, you will have to constantly check their site as you will not be sent any notification.

This scholarship is worth $3500 and has the 31st of May as the deadline for submitting an application.

2. Hajja Razia Shariff Sheikh Scholarship

The scholarship program has come through for several Muslim students that normally would have been unable to get good quality education. Due to how well it has done for the Muslim community in the United States, the Hajja Razia Shariff Sheikh scholarship has received one award.

This scholarship is not open to students in several fields of study. If you have plans to apply for this scholarship, then, you must either be studying journalism or Islamic Studies.

The Hajja Razia Shariff sheikh scholarship is sponsored by Dr. Hamid Sheikh in collaboration with the Islamic Society of North America.

Although it is general knowledge that you can only submit an application for this scholarship if you are a Muslim, in addition to being a Muslim, you must be a journalism or Islamic studies major. Additionally, your GPA must be at least 3.5.

This scholarship is worth $1500 and has the 30th of April as the deadline for submission.

3. Plainfield Muslim Women for Better Society Scholarship

This scholarship might be organized by women. Nonetheless, it is not just for females. So long as you are a student in the United State and are Muslim, you can take part in this scholarship.

While the average scholarship is about academic ability, you will need more than just the right academic ability to be awarded this scholarship. Before you submit an application for the Plainfield Muslim women for better society scholarship, you must have put in at least 20 hours into community service. There are no rules that state this 20 hours must be between a specific period. So, you are free to spread your 20 hours of community service thin.

Furthermore, the fact that this scholarship is open to Muslim students does not mean just any Muslim student can apply for it. If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, then, you must major in a course that is related to human services,.

This scholarship is worth $1000 and so far, it is a recipient of two awards.

4. Amana Mutual Funds Scholarship

This scholarship is worth $2500 and is sponsored by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Beyond simply ensuring that Muslim students in the United States have access to good quality education, the Amana mutual funds scholarship was established to help students in America have a better understanding of Islam. This is in addition to promoting civic engagement and interfaith relations.

You do not have to be studying a particular course before you can apply for this scholarship as it covers a broad range of courses. As long you are working towards getting a college degree in the United States, this is a scholarship you should apply for.

5. Dr. ILYAS Ba-Yunus Award

This is an award targeted at students that are committed, Islamic activists. In addition to showing an encouraging level of commitment, students applying for this scholarship should have great academic achievement and goals.

The Dr, Ilyas BA-Yunus Award closes on the 14th of June every year, is a recipient of two awards, and is worth $2000.

6. Naziruddin Ali Award for Excellence

If you have any plans to apply for this scholarship, you will need to submit an application before the 14th of June. It was set up to empower Muslim students in the United States and also help them build the right network.

The Naziruddin Ali award for excellence is worth $2000 and is not limited to a certain field of study.

Who is Qualified for a Muslim Scholarship in the United States

If you are considering applying for a Muslim scholarship in the United States, the most important things are; you have to be a Muslim and should be resident in the United States. While having these two qualities help you qualify for Muslim scholarships in the United States, there is more.

The various Muslim scholarships in the United States have different requirements. So, before applying for any scholarship, you need to know its requirements. As soon as you know its requirements, you can tell if it is a scholarship you qualify for or not. If this is anything to go buy, different Muslim scholarships are tailored to meet the needs of different people. If it was not made for you, there will be no need to apply.

What Scholarship for Muslim Students is the Best in the United States?

No scholarship for Muslims in the United States can be classified as the best. The ideal scholarship for every Muslim student is depended on their needs.

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