9 Best Scholarships for Nursing Students in Georgia

Nursing is a course that is very vital for the existence of every society. In addition to being an amazing course, it is one that gives professionals a lot of room for growth in their careers. Regardless of how important this course is for a healthy society, a lot of people end up not studying nursing because of the cost of tuition fees.

Studying to become a nurse might be expensive. However, you do not need to pay so much before becoming a nurse in the state of Georgia.

Why is this so?

There are several scholarships for nursing students in Georgia. A good number of them are contained in this article. The implication of this is if you cannot afford to pay your fees and you are interested in going to nursing school, you do not need to think about getting a loan. You can depend on a scholarship

That being said, below are some of the scholarships for nursing students in Georgia.

1. Katherine Pope Scholarship

This scholarship is open to all nursing students in Georgia and is given out by the Georgia Nurses Foundation. It is a scholarship for nursing students that are non-registered and are interested in getting a Baccalaureate degree as nurses.

To apply for this scholarship, you need to have at least a GPA of 2.5 in a previous education in nursing, have shown a level of leadership, and are not very stable financially. Furthermore, people that are interested in practising nursing in Georgia are considered over those that are not.

Additionally, if you have any interest in applying for this scholarship, you should send in your application before the 15th of June of the year in question.

This scholarship is worth $500. Also, anyone looking to apply should be a part of a professional nursing organization.

2. Anne Lou Overton Scholarship

This scholarship is open to full-time, as well as part-time nursing students. It is administered by the Georgian Nurses Association and closes on the 15th of June every year. Each applicant that qualifies for this scholarship is given $500.

Not every nursing student is qualified to apply for this scholarship. If you are interested in applying for the Anne Lou Overton scholarship, you will need to be resident in Georgia. This is in addition to the fact that you must provide proof that you need financial assistance.

There is more, every student that is interested in this scholarship has to be a part of at least one professional nursing organization. This is in addition to the fact that they should be undergoing a nursing program in an accredited institution before submitting an application.

If you are looking to apply for this scholarship, you must have maintained a GPA of at least 2.5.

Although this scholarship is open to every nursing student in Georgia, students that have intentions of practising in Georgia will be chosen over those that do not have plans of practising nursing in Georgia.

3. Georgia Legion Auxiliary Past President Parley Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship was set up to fund the education of nurses that live in Georgia and have a relationship with American veterans.

It is open yearly. However, there is no exact amount of awards given out every year. That’s not all. Everyone looking to apply for this scholarship must submit an application before the end of May in the year in question.

Being a nursing student in Georgia is a major qualification to apply for this scholarship. In addition to being a nursing student, there are certain documents that need to be submitted.

These documents include four different recommendation letters, college and high school transcripts, a bank statement and a write-up on their reason for practising nursing.

4. Gana Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to nursing majors in Georgia and it is organized by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA). Everyone that qualifies for this scholarship gets $1000 monthly.

The submission of the application for this scholarship ends in April every year. Furthermore, everyone looking to apply for this scholarship must be part of an anesthesia program. Also, this program has to be approved by the AANA.

Furthermore, applicants should be a part of AANA and should live in Georgia.

5. Kathryn Suggs Chance Leonard Scholarship

The Kathryn Suggs Chance Leonard Scholarship is open to males and females that are looking to get into the nursing profession or those that are already active in the nursing profession and are studying in any school of nursing in Georgia.

Candidates for this scholarship are expected to demonstrate a great level of courage and integrity.

6. Georgia Zell Miller Scholarship

The Georgia Zell Miller Scholarship is not just for nursing students in Georgia. It is also open to other students. It is a scholarship for students just getting out of high school. When looking to apply for this scholarship, you must have a GPA of at least 3.7 from a reputable high school. Also, your SAT score should not be less than 1200. Additionally, you should not have less than 26 in ACT.

The exact amount that a student gets after applying for this scholarship is dependent on state appropriations. Generally, the amount received by full-time students is different from what part-time students get. For each semester, part-time students receive $1404 and full-time students get $5616.

7. Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant

This grant is open to nursing students as well as other students. However, any student that wants to apply for it has to be attending a private college.

This grant might not be very big. However, it is given every semester. Every nursing student that qualifies for the Georgian Tuition Equalization Grant receives $425 every semester.

8. Unigo $10k Scholarship

This is a scholarship for students in the United States that are at least 14 years old. For a student to be considered eligible for a ties scholarship, they have to be actively attending a tertiary institution. Although this scholarship is not peculiar to nursing students in Georgia, it is just as important as scholarship programs that are open to only nursing students resident in Georgia.

9. TravelNurseSource Future U.S Nurse Scholarship

This scholarship program is open to nursing students from all around the United States. Nursing students in Georgia are not left out

Anyone eligible for this scholarship is given the sum of $2,000. Also, it is only open to undergraduate students. Additionally, there are no discrepancies between full-time and part-time students.

So, it does not matter if you are studying full time or part-time. So long you live in the United States and are a nursing student you can apply for this scholarship.

How to Prepare for a Nursing Scholarship in Georgia

There is a lot you need to know when trying to get a nursing scholarship in Georgia. When armed with this knowledge, you will be able to get the best from the scholarship. Additionally, you will be adequately prepared for the responsibilities attached to the scholarship.

Find Out the Reason Why the Organization is Giving Out Scholarships: Every organization that gives out scholarships does not do it for no reason. They always have a goal of giving out scholarships. The implication of this when applying for any scholarship, you should have the goal of the organization awarding it in mind.

Write a Catchy Essay: While applying for a scholarship, you might need to write an essay. Before going on to do this, take out time to read up other essays online. Beyond just reading up and essay, ensure you pay attention to winning essays.

Why Do Organizations Give Out Scholarships

There are various reasons why organizations in Georgia give out scholarships to nursing students. Most prominent out of these reasons are;

They give Out Scholarships to Help the Needy

This is one of the most popular reasons why organizations in Georgia give out scholarships. Lots of people in Georgia are interested in becoming nurses. However, they just might not have the financial muscles to pay their tuition fee.

A good number of people in this situation opt for other courses instead of nursing and this is not good for the health sector in Georgia that is constantly in need of nurses.

They are Interested in Employing Nurses

Not every organization gives out scholarships simply because the recipient of the scholarship has financial needs. Some of them simply give out scholarships as they are looking to employ the recipients of their scholarships.

These scholarships are awarded to the best heads that apply for them on the condition that when they are done with their nursing program, they will give back to the organization by working for them.

This might not seem like it is really important. However, in Georgia, there is a high demand for nurses but it appears there are never enough nurses to meet the ever-increasing health challenges of people resident in Georgia. So one-way various organizations ensure that they do not lack qualified nurses is by awarding scholarships.

Is Nursing the Only Course with High Tuition Fes in Georgia

No, nursing is not the only course with high tuition fees in Georgia. However, unlike other courses that might not be directly involved in the quality of life lived in Georgia, the absence of the right number of qualified nurses is not good for the Georgian healthcare system. So to ensure the healthcare system does not suffer, various organizations come up with scholarship awards.

Is Georgia The Only State that Offers Scholarship to Nursing Students?

No, there are other states that are known to offer scholarships to nursing students. However, a good number of scholarships in this article are only for students in Georgia.

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