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List of Best School Of Business In the UK

The business world is as interesting as it is complicated. From negotiation to management to sourcing, the business world has various aspects to it.

The business world can be a mystery to newcomers and those who have only watched from the sidelines.

Those in the business world or those that are new to the business world must have guidance from experts.

One way to get guidance from experts is through schooling as many experts become teachers of some sort.

List of Best School Of Business in the UK

Business Schools in the UK are renowned for quality education and producing outstanding graduates.

Each school listed below has areas of specializations they shine best at or are popularly known for, now this doesn’t mean they do not offer quality education in other areas.

It simply means when compared to other schools that offer similar courses they are better in that particular area.

It is important to know this as this means graduates of certain courses in certain schools may be more highly regarded above the rest because of the school’s prestige.

The Business Schools listed below are the UK’s best of the best when it comes to business education, whether it is world ranking, Europe ranking, or UK ranking.

1. London Business School

This list starts with none other than the London Business School. Worldwide famous for its quality education in business and fiancé.

According to the financial times after 3 years, graduates from London Business school (LBS) earn an average salary of  £129451.

Unlike a typical university London Business School does not offer undergraduate degrees, its focus is strictly on postgraduate education and it offers short courses for executives. Its programmes have both a full-time and a part-time option.

Some of its courses are online. The minimum academic requirement accepted by London Business School is the UK equivalent of a 2.2 in a relevant undergraduate course.

For cases where a 2.1 is not available the applicant may be considered if they possess relevant skills or work experience.

2.University of Warwick-Warwick Business School

The Warwick Business School has an international reputation for high-quality education and research in business and management.

The Warwick Business School is dedicated to producing change-makers that will have an impact in whichever environment they find themselves in.

With their ranking as one of the top UK business schools, it looks like they have been able to do that. The Warwick Business School offers undergraduate, MBAs, Doctoral, and executive degrees.

The Warwick Business school has several scholarships and awards for qualified students.

3. Durham University-Durham University Business School

Another top UK Business school, this particular business school is famous for its top-notch MBA degrees. At these Business School students are connected with global companies and opportunities.

The school offers undergraduate degrees, MBAs, Master’s degrees, Ph.D. and executive doctoral programmes called DBAs. The Durham University Business School also offers distance learning, part-time and free programmes.

There are multiple scholarships at this business school that students can benefit from.

4. University of Nottingham – Nottingham University Business School

The Nottingham Business School is internationally known for its high-quality education in finance and management education. It is also known for its trailblazing achievements in terms of entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability. It has 3 locations, UK, China, and Malaysia, giving the school a solid international presence.

This presence provides the students of the school with rare opportunities not found in other schools. The degrees offered at the Nottingham University Business school are undergraduate, Master’s, MBA, Executive education, and PhDs.

5. University of Edinburgh Business School

This University that owns this business school is always highly ranked on the world university ranking and its business school is not slacking either.

Located in the second largest financial sector in the UK, students would get firsthand experience of the business world.

The University of Edinburgh Business School offers undergraduate, online, master’s, MBAs, executive education, and Ph.D. degrees. For the online studies, the Business School partnered with edX to provide online courses.

6. University of Manchester Business school

The business school of the University f Manchester also known as the Alliance Manchester Business school was one of the UK’s first two business schools.

This Business School delivers world-class and industry-focused education at all levels of education, from undergraduate to CEO. The Alliance Manchester Business school offers the following degrees:

Undergraduate, master’s, MBA, and executive education. There are scholarship options available to be taken advantage of. The Business school also offers part-time programmes.
Imperial College Business School: This is another highly ranked business School especially in areas such as online MBA, Full-time MBA, and management.

The Imperial College Business School offers the following degrees, undergraduate, Master’s, MBA, Doctoral, and Executive degrees. The Master’s degree is further categorised into three sections: Finance Master’s, Specialized Master’s, and Management Master’s.

Students admitted into the Imperial College Business School can rest assured that they would be taught by the world-best academics and industry experts.

7. The University of Glasgow Business school

A top-ranked and highly accredited Business school committed to providing their students with the best resources available and equipping them with the necessary skills to survive in today’s business world. The Business School offers the following degrees undergraduate, Ph.D., Master’s, MBA, and Master of Global Business (MGB) degrees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the listed business schools above accept international students?

Yes, they do. Some of the Business schools even have joint exchange programs with schools outside the UK.

Do business schools have a fixed start date or can you apply at any time?

It depends. It depends on the school and it depends on the course, some schools accept students all year round with regards to a certain course.

For more information concerning the school’s start date please contact the admission’s department of business school you want to apply to.

Are there short-term courses that businesses or working individuals can take advantage of at the business schools?

Yes. You can find such courses under executive education or you can contact the business school’s admission office.


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