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How To Score High In JAMB UTME 2022/23 | Tips To Score 300+

How To Score Very High In JAMB UTME 2022/2023 Exam Without Stress: Here all you need to know in other to score 300+ in the 2022 Joint Admission Matriculation Board Exam (JAMB).

One fact remains that all UTME/JAMB candidates should know and get familiar with is that, over the years, the JAMB exam is becoming simpler and even easy to pass for most candidates, and therefore,

many candidates blasts it. Hence, admission to one’s choice or chosen institution becomes relatively competitive and difficult.

However, to achieve maximum success and have a better chance of getting admission with your JAMB result; the only but one option is to blast your JAMB by scoring very high to put you on a pole position.

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This article will expose you to 7 proven hidden secrets to score high in JAMB with ease and most amazingly, number 6 will surprise you.

Just take a glass of water, chill and read, follow my listed step-by-step secrets from start to finish and then apply it to your exams.

Without much ado, let’s hit the nail on the head and let the cat out of the bag!

What is the full meaning of jamb?

The full meaning of JAMB is the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board.
The definition of JAMB is also relative as it has another definition of another phenomenon.



One major proven factor that affects the result of most JAMB candidates is discouragement.

This applies to those who might have written the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination(UTME) before.

Some put this in their minds and hence, often get them discouraged about the level of how they might perform.

However, if you must score high in 2020 UTME, one thing you must get off your mind is the discouragement of previous results. An author from says

your mind is like the original Google, if you feed it with a statement or question, your mind-usually the subconscious part of it will return an answer every time.

Unknown author

Invariably, when you feed your mind with the dark embrace of your past so-called poor results, it will affect your level of preparation and performance for your new challenge.

Conclusively, if you plan on having a good grade in your JAMB exam. The number one hidden secret is to first pass the hurdle to overcome your past discouragements

Now let’s journey to unravel our second hidden secret of scoring high in JAMB


A popular saying goes thus

Aim for the moon, if you fall, you may hit the star.

J.K Rowling.

Another one says;

Whatever you conceive, and you believe, then you will surely achieve

Unknown author

What Am I driving at,

Your mind often gets acquainted with whatever you feed it with. If you grade yourself very low from the outset, it will of a surety tell on your eventual performance.

I had a conversation with one JAMBITE in 2018, I asked him to grade himself on a scale of 1- 400, that what will his result be.

To my greatest disappointment, this boy told me to be 200-210, I was very disappointed within myself.

But do you know the funny part, when this boy finally wrote his exam and the result came out, he scored 196? Which invariably means he actually got what he aimed at.

What am I driving at, for emphasis! If at all you want to unlock the hidden treasure of a high score in the 2022 UTME exam, then your mindset from the initial should be nothing less than the range of 290-310. With this, your preparation will aid your performance.

Now let’s unravel our third hidden secrets to smatch a high score UTME exam


One major mistake you must not attempt to make is for you not to attempt to cram past questions.

I want to try as much a possible not to make this article personal, however, cramming is not the best way to prepare for any examination.


Even though JAMB oftentimes repeat past questions, but here are the three most important reasons why you should not cram for the JAMB exam

  1. Cramming past questions makes you much more mentally unbalanced especially a day to your EXAM
  2. This also makes you forget most of the things you have read even before the examination begins
  3. And finally, it makes you mix things up, because even the ones you knew before, you will forget most of them.

If you can try as much as possible to avoid concentrating on cramming past questions, then congratulations! You have just unlocked the third key to the hidden secret of scoring high on your JAMB exam.


One very big mistake most students make in the course of their exam preparation is their inability to master the art of answering objective questions.

the UTME exams consist mainly of objective questions, however, you must know your way around how to tackle them

Often, the way you answer objectives differs from how you answer theoretical questions. Although it is relative to each person.

I will discuss with you some secrets on how to answer JAMB objective questions to make it easier for you.


An important fact you should know before your exam date

JAMB questions are always:

  1. 60 English questions
  2. mathematics, Economics, CRS, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Literature, government, Arabic, religion, literature in English, etc  are all 40 questions respectively

How many minutes will be given to answer all JAMB questions?

In contrary to how JAMB set their questions before which usually last for 3 hours,

The 2022/2023 JAMB question will only last for 2 hours

Considering these above-listed facts, you must learn to manage your time to divide your questions as a factor of your time.

Spend nothing more than 45 seconds on a question before you will move to the next question.

If a question is difficult for you to answer, skip and move on to the next question without wasting time.


Never make the mistake of starting from a subject you know you will not be able to finish within 35 minutes at the maximum.

This is one mistake most JAMBITE makes and they eventually end up not finishing their questions.

Hence if your easiest subject is the use of English, then start from there, then move on to the next easier one on the List. With this, you will answer a while lots of questions within the specified time frame.


Never make the mistake of clicking the submit button without cross-checking your chosen answers.

Even if you did not finish all the questions, Make sure you use about 5 minutes to glance through all your answers to check for errors and mistakes.

Wawu! That was a long story, just to summarise the main point, “Learn the art of time management”

Jumping to our #5 hidden secret to scoring high in UTME.


JAMB I must say was one of the easiest exams I have ever written. I blasted it once and got admitted to the University of Ibadan which happened to be my first choice.

Most JAMB candidates always go with the idea that JAMB is very hard to pass, NO!

Rewrite that ideology off your mind. JAMB IS as easy as a pie. The only thing JAMB uses to scare students is their TRICK.

Most JAMB questions are not straight forward as we may think. You just have to think deeper before you can answer them

This is often peculiar to the use of English.

So if you must scoop a good grade in your coming UTME exams, never have the idea that JAMB is hard at all.

Having highlighted 5 secrets to score high in your JAMB exam, it is high time we went to the #6 one which will surprise you.


Most people think they must go to tutorials of 2-3 months before they can write the JAMB exam successfully, whereas, it is the greatest self-deceit of all time.

Although, different students have diverse peculiar ways of studying; but either way, going for a JAMB tutorial is a hell waste of time.

Instead of spending your precious time on tutorials, find a good study partner who you know will be of help to you.

NOTE: He or she must know better than you do

Read and study past questions together, With this method, you’ll see a better improvement in your eventual result than some other persons who spend their whole time in a so-called tutorial.

Don’t get me wrong, the tutorial could work for some people but not for most people. Therefore, know what works for you.


This is very important in whatever you want to do in life.

The place of God cannot just be over-emphasized. This is a great secret to any successful result in whatever one does in life.


Just know in your mind that the JAMB or UTME question is not brought from heaven. It was set by humans like you and not bots.

If you have written JAMB before but it JAMMED you instead, get it off your mind.

And if you haven’t attempted it before and you are preparing for it then follow these above listed hidden secrets.

Have the winning mindset, don’t cram past questions, learn the art of answering objective questions, go to tutorials only when necessary but don’t make it a do or die, and finally, PUT GOD FIRST.

If you enjoyed this article please like, comment and share.

And if you have any opinion which you think it’s is not highlighted here, please do well to drop it.

Mind you, am very open to any criticism because it is part of learning.



How to read read and pass jamb successfully


I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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