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Things You Will Need to Take To NYSC Camp

Are you set to make your long-awaited move to the NYSC camp, after successfully doing the needful in order to be posted to your scheduled location?

Now that you have been informed of where you will camp for your NYSC there are certain things that you will need to take to the NYSC camp and failure to go along with some of these documents or materials might make your three weeks stay in the camp uneventful and frustrating.

In this article, we will be updating you on the requirements and the various things you will be taking to the NYSC camp (both for personal use and for registration) and also some of the things you don’t need to take to the NYSC camp, so as to make your three weeks in the NYSC camp a very exciting and memorable one.

Things You Will Need to Take To NYSC Camp

1. Compulsory Camp Requirements

The following list gives you an insight into the compulsory things that you must not forget to take with you as you are going to the NYSC camp. Failure to leave these documents behind results in your inability to get registered by the Camp officials, these requirements are;

1.1 NYSC Call-up letter

You might forget other things but the NYSC call-up letter is a very important document you MUST NOT forget to go to the NYSC camp with. It is mandatory that you make at least four copies of the NYSC call-up letter and also carry the original copy with you. Please be advised not to laminate your call-up letter as it will be bounced at the camp.

1.2. Final year ID card

Another important thing you need to carry along with you as you are preparing for your three weeks NYSC camps is your final year Identity Card (ID). You need to also make at least two or three photocopies of the ID card and also carry the original copy with you.

If you have difficulty in getting your final year ID card, you have to meet the Directorate of Students’ Affairs in your school and request a final year ID card. If you can’t get it, then you can make do with your school ID card instead.

1.3. Statement of result (B. SC or HND)

If you are a BSc holder, then you will need to go with your original copy and four photocopies of your Degree statement of result. The same applies to those with HND. If your original certificate is available then you go with it but where you are unable to get a copy of it, then you go for the statement of result.

There is no need to waste your time, energy and resources going to the camp when your statement of result is not available.

1.4. NYSC Green card

Your NYSC green card is a very important document that you must go with, to the NYSC camp, it is usually printed along with the call-up letter, as such, you must carry the original copy along with four photocopies of the green card. Make sure you don’t laminate it.

1.5. Medical Certificate of Fitness

Remember to carry two copies of your medical certificate of fitness which you got from a government hospital or military clinic in Nigeria.

1.6. Recent Passport Photographs

There are a lot of registrations that will be done in the NYSC camp as such it is important that you go with at least a minimum of 8 recent passport photographs.


2. Personal items to take to NYSC camp

Now that you have finished arranging all the compulsory documents that will be needed in the NYSC camp, there are some personal items that you must not forget to take with you to the NYSC camp if you desire to have a wonderful time at the camp. Some of these personal items are listed below.

2.1 White Shorts

You may have been told that a pair of white shorts will be provided at the camp, definitely, you will be provided with two pairs of white shorts but they may be of poor quality and in some cases may not be your size. Hence it is important that you go in at least four or five pairs of white shorts.

2.2 Tea or beverages

This part is very important especially for those who would not be able to withstand the type of food or tea given at the camp. In order for you not to be stranded, you are advised to go with your own beverages like milk, milo, sugar etc along with a spoon and a teacup or plate so that you can comfortably make your tea the way you always love it.

2.3 White round-necked T-shirts

You will be provided with just two round-necked T-shirts which will be worn every day, and since it is white, definitely two will not be enough, so it is important that you go with extra T-shirts, at least four or three.

2.4 White Tennis Shoes & White Socks

Although this will be provided at the camp, you can go with additional pairs.

2.5 Toiletries

Your personal hygiene is very important especially if you are a female, as such you have to go along with your toiletries such as sanitary pads, insecticides, towels, toilet paper, Antiseptics, etc.

2.6 Mosquitoes Net

Mosquito Nets are very important as there are swamps of mosquitoes at the NYSC camp, as such you are advised to get a mosquito net that you would use at the camp to shield you from mosquito bites.

2.7 Money

Don’t ever make the mistake of going to the NYSC camp empty-handed, you would definitely need some cash to either buy food, take pictures, charge phones or for laundry. All these miscellaneous need cash to be able to run them, so be sure to go with some cash.

Other personal items that are necessary to go along with to the NYSC camp are;

• Padlocks

• Waist Pouch

• Torchlight

Items Prohibited at the NYSC camp

There are some items that are not allowed at the NYSC camp, so to save you the stress of ignorantly going to the camp with these items and then get rejected, we have been able to compile a list of some of these items below;

• Pets

• TV sets

• Motorbikes

• Boiling ring

• Pressing iron

• Mattress

• Personal car

• Bicycle

• Laptops

• Large luggage

• Mirrors

• Bluetooth speakers

• Extension sockets

• Gas Cylinder/Stove

• Foodstuffs (like rice, beans, yam, etc)

• Knife

• Suitcase

Having taken a look at the various items that are mandatory and important for you to take along with you to the camp, don’t also overlook the items that are also prohibited at the camp.


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