Tuition Free Universities in the Netherlands for International Students

The Netherlands is one of the countries in Europe with a reputation for offering students an excellent education. It is home to some of the oldest, largest, and most prestigious universities in Europe. Due to this, it is a strong center of attraction to international students that are looking to obtain top-quality education far away from home.
Although it is generally believed that international students cannot have tuition-free education in the Netherlands, the truth remains international students can enjoy tuition-free education in the Netherlands. They need to find out the universities that offer tuition-free education to international students and what their requirements are.

Tuition-Free Universities in the Netherlands for International Students

In the Netherlands, there abound a good number of universities that offer international students tuition-free education.

Prospective students simply need to discover these universities and apply for scholarships.

Due to the presence of some of the best universities in the Netherlands, international students can enjoy free education without having to settle for low-quality education.

That being said, below are some of the tuition-free universities in the Netherlands.

University of Twente Holland

The University of Twente Holland is a school reputed for offering international students tuition-free education. It is open to students that are applying for a Master’s program or a Bachelor’s program at the University of Twente. This scholarship worth €5,000 for just one year.
Just like other scholarships in Holland and other parts of the world, some requirements should be met before international students can enjoy this scholarship. Some of these requirements are;
They should not have had a full degree in the Netherlands. Also, they must not have a degree from an education facility based in the Netherlands.
• Applicants have to be from a non-EU//EEA country
• Should be a good student and should have a CGPA of at least 7.5 from 10.
• They should not be qualified for a Dutch study grant.
• They should meet the requirements for getting an entry visa into the Netherlands.
Before getting this scholarship, you must have applied for a Master’s or Bachelor’s program. The University of Twente offers the University of Twente Holland Scholarship. This scholarship is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science together with Dutch research universities.
This scholarship does not cover all bachelor’s programs. Nonetheless, there is a list of bachelor’s programs that it covers. So, international students that are looking to study at this university for free can visit its website and go through the list of Bachelor programs its scholarship covers.

Han University

With Rob Verhofstad as its president and established on the 1st of February, 1996, HAN University of Applied Sciences is one of the many universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Beyond being one of the universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands, this university is one of the biggest universities in the Netherlands. This university is not just interested in producing graduates. It is focused on training students that are very well prepared for the challenges associated with professional practice.
Han University is not the only university in the Netherlands that offers scholarships to international students. So, why should an international student interested in free tuition apply to study in this university? Well, as a university, HAN University is a lot interested in offering students the right level of innovation. This way, it can prepare them for the various phases of growth in their professional practice.
As one of the largest universities in the Netherlands, HAN University of Applied sciences offers master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs to more than 36,000 students and has its base in Gelderland. Also, some of its other campuses are in Nijmegen, Arnhem. These are in addition to a research center located in Doetinchem.
This university is made up of 14 schools. Some of them are;
• School of Applied Biosciences and Chemistry
• School of Sport and Exercise
• International School of BUSINESS
• School of law
• School of Allied Health
• School of Organization and Development
• School of Social Studies
• School of IT and Media Design
• School of Health Studies
• School of Finance
• School of Engineering and Automotive
This university offers the Han University Scholarship, a scholarship designed for international students from non-European countries that were unable to get a scholarship throughout their first year in a tertiary institution.

University of Amsterdam

Founded in 1632 and one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands, the University Amsterdam is one of the highest-ranking universities in Europe and is also one of the biggest research universities in Europe. It has a staff strength of 4,794 and more than 30,000 students.
This university has its major campus in Amsterdam and other campuses in adjacent boroughs. That’s not all. It has seven faculties.
So far, this university has given the Netherlands five prime ministers and six Nobel Laureates. This is not surprising as this university is a strong believer in academic excellence and it has a scholarship program for international students as it aims at attracting some of the best students from outside Europe.
Generally, students that do not possess an EU passport are qualified to apply for a degree program at this university
The university offers international students the Amsterdam Merit Scholarship. This scholarship is targeted at undergraduates and graduates from non-European countries. When students from outside Europe get this scholarship, they will have to maintain the right academic result for the scholarship to be maintained.

The Radboud University

Formerly known as Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen, Radboud University is a Dutch university named after Saint Radboud. It was named after a Dutch bishop that lived in the 9th century.
Radboud University was set up in 1923 and has made it to the list of the most prestigious 150 universities in the world on up to four world university rankings.
Radboud University which is reputed for its research is situated in Nijmegen and is home to seven faculties.
The Radboud University has a scholarship program that is targeted at Master’s students from outside Europe. This scholarship covers the cost of living, the cost of getting a visa, health insurance, residence permit, and tuition fees.

University of Groningen

Located in the city of Groningen and established in 1614, the University Groningen is the second biggest university in the Netherlands. This university has 27research centers, over 175-degree programs, nine graduate schools, and eleven faculties.
The University of Groningen offers the Eric Bleumink Scholarship which was put together for students from outside Europe with very good academic records. It is common knowledge that this scholarship covers the cost of tuition. However, beyond just covering the cost of tuition, it takes care of health insurance, subsistence, books, and international travel.

Delft University of Technology

Also known as TU Delft, Delft University of Technology is the biggest and oldest public technical university in the Netherlands. From its name, it is obvious where it is located. This University is situated in Delft and is home to more than 26,000 students.
This university has eight faculties and was set up in 1842. At its establishment, it was simply focused on getting civil servants ready to meet the needs of the workforce in the Dutch East Indies.
This university offers the Justus and Louise Van Effen Scholarship. Every student that is qualified for this scholarship receives funds for full tuition every year. In addition to basic tuition funds, they also get some funds to cover living costs.
This scholarship is not just about providing students with funds for tuition. It also provides them with some privileges that money can’t get. One of these privileges is the chance to be a member of scholarship clubs.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus University is located in Rotterdam and is a public research university. It was established in 1913, has more than 29, 999 students, and was named after Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus.
This university is the biggest academic medical center in the Netherlands and has seven faculties. Additionally, it is basically focused on Culture, Wealth, Health, and Governance.
This university provides funding for Ph.D. students. As much as it offers Ph.D. students basic funding, if there is a need for extra funding, these students are free to request extra funding by sending grants through this university to other avenues for funding. These avenues include private firms, industrial organizations, and the government.

Utrecht University

This university was established in 1636. This makes it one of the oldest public universities in the Netherlands. With three campuses in Utrecht and a campus in Middleburg. These campuses offer 153 Master’s programs and 50 Bachelor’s programs.
Beyond being a reputable university in the Netherlands, this university is also a top choice for international students looking to study in the Netherlands for free.
The Utrecht University offers Utrecht University scholarships for international students. This scholarship is funded by the Utrecht University alongside its alumni.
Students applying to study at Utrecht University because of free tuition have to bear in mind that this scholarship does not cover all programs. Nonetheless, they have the alternative of applying for Global Sustainability Science, Politics, Philosophy, Business Economics, and Economics programs.

Studying in the Netherlands for Free

It is one thing to know that it is possible for international students to study in the Netherlands for free and another to actually know the steps that should be taken to study in the Netherlands for free begins by applying for a university of your choice.

Applying to study in the Netherlands for free as an international student is something that can only be attempted by international students with excellent grades.

So, if you ever dream of studying for free in the Netherlands, your grades must be excellent.

In the absence of excellent grades, there is no point in applying to study in the Netherlands for free. In addition to having the right grades, you will need to abide by the laws of your country and maintain a clear record.

When looking to study in the Netherlands for free, submitting your application might not be a very simple step.

However, while at it, ensure that you draw attention to your GPA, academic awards, and other similar achievements that could help you stand out of the crowd.

That’s not all. You will need to draw attention to your strengths.

International students can study in the Netherlands with student loans.

However, this might not be very comfortable due to the steady increase in the cost of getting a quality education.

Students looking to study for free in the Netherlands are not limited to applying for just one scholarship program.

They can apply for as many scholarships as they want.

This is because their chances of studying for free increase with an increase in the number of applications submitted.


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