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List Of Best UK Schools For Forensic Science

Forensic Science is not a popular course for study but its importance to society cannot be ignored.

It is used around the world to protect public health, solve crimes, enforce criminal laws and to resolve civil disputes.

Forensic scientists oversee collecting, preserving, and examining physical evidence during a criminal investigation.

It is due to forensic science that criminals like rapists and murders have been caught, especially in cases with no eyewitness.

List of Best UK Schools for Forensic Science.

Forensic science is a very broad discipline with multiple areas of specializations. Examples of specializations of Forensic science are Forensic Psychology and Forensic Pathology.

Some universities do not offer ‘MSc Forensic science’, they offer a specialization of Forensic science instead.

The universities listed below either offer Forensic science as a master degree course or one of its specializations.

1. University of Strathclyde

This University is among the few Universities in the UK that offers a master’s degree in forensic science.

It is also ranked No. 1 in the UK for Forensic Science (Complete Uni Guide2021). Admitted students would be the taught in the school’s Centre for Forensic Science.

The Centre for Forensic Science is a modern laboratory built for practical forensic training. The laboratory is equipped with ultra-modern equipment for the analysis of various types of evidence.

Facilities in this laboratory include a DNA profiling laboratory, blood pattern analysis room, microscopy suite and a suite for mock crime scenes set up.

Studying Forensic Science at the University Of Strathclyde will empower students with knowledge, practical, investigative and problem solving skills; all of which are relevant to their future careers.

Entry requirements to study Msc Forensic Science include the minimum of second-class bachelors’ degree in relevant science subject such as chemistry, biology, biochemistry, and the likes.

2. University of Manchester.

The University of Manchester offers a master’s degree in Forensic psychology and Mental Health.

This university is ranked 7th in the UK for Psychology according to 2021 QS World Rankings.

The course covers topics like the application of psychology to legal and investigative processes, personality disorders, forensic risk assessment, research methods and offending behaviour interventions. The course is approved by the British Psychological Society.

This course has a fulltime and a part time option. The fulltime option last for 12 months while the parttime option lasts for 24 months. The academic entry requirement for this course is the UK equivalent of a second-class upper degree in B.Sc. Psychology.

You also require to show an understanding of forensic psychology in your personal statement alongside having experience in forensic settings. This course only accepts 20 students.

2. University of West Of England

This university offers master’s degree in Forensic science.

Students admitted to this university will gain in depth understanding of the scientific methods used in criminal investigations and be equipped with the right skills to pursue a career in the justice system or outside it.

To study forensic science at this university you do not need to have an undergraduate degree in Forensic science.

The course will provide you with the required skills and knowledge to have a career in forensic science.

Besides gaining knowledge of how scientific issues affect the outcome of criminal trials the student would also learn about societal factors.

The university boasts of simulation facilities including but not limited to a ‘crime scene house’, laboratories and mock court rooms. Admitted students would also benefit from specialist guest lectures and research seminars.

Entry requirements to study MSc Forensic science at this include the UK equivalent of a bachelor’s degree(2.2) in relevant applied or social science subject.

Note: This course is a conversion course meaning it is for those who do not have a degree in forensic science. Applicants with a degree in Forensic science would not be granted admission. This course is a one-year fulltime course.

3. University of Lincoln

This University offers a master’s degree in Forensic Science. Admitted students would be taught by experts in fields like analytical and organic chemistry, molecular biology, and the likes.

Students would be taught forensic principles, how to operate within the context of legal considerations, presentation of evidence and the role of the expert witness. Students will learn how to provide impartial evidence in criminal investigation and the processes involved from the crime scene to the court room. The academic entry requirement for this course the UK equivalent of a 1st class or second class upper in a relevant undergraduate degree. The course has a full time and part time option.

The full-time option lasts for a year while the part time option last for two years.

4. University College London

This university offers a master’s degree in Crime and Forensic science. This course is a fulltime course that lasts for one year. With this degree, students will gain practical skills and applicable knowledge in data analysis and modelling, statistical analysis, and crime scene investigation. Students would also be able to determine the importance and applicability of forensic evidence for investigative and court reasons.

The UK equivalent of a second class upper bachelor’s degree in relevant discipline is required. Relevant disciplines include computer science, psychology, biology, physics, geography, etc.

This university also offers scholarships to outstanding applicants who where granted admission.

In cases where the student does not meet the academic requirement, relevant work experience (e.g. police force or with a forensic service provider) might qualify them for admission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the tuition fee for international students?

The tuition fee for international students for the universities listed above ranges from £21850 -£28500

The type of forensic specialization I want to study wasn’t mentioned under any university what do I do ?

Click the link under the university’s name and search through the courses the university offers for the forensic course you want to study.

What are some jobs forensic scientists can do?

Graduates of forensic science can work choose to either do jobs directly related to their degree or jobs that are not directly related to their degree.

Examples of jobs directly related to forensic science include analytical scientists, biomedical scientist, crime scene investigator, and many more.

Two examples of jobs a forensic scientist can do that is not directly related to their course include police officer and Forensic computer analyst.


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