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List Of Universities For Masters In AI And Machine Learning In The UK

The importance of technology cannot be overstated today. Previously, when one mentioned a computer-related course, the course was usually related to programming or networking but not anymore.

The spotlight has moved from those to Artificial Intelligence (AI). The world is moving more and more towards the AI side of things.

Examples of AI systems that already in use are smart home devices and self-driving cars. AI degrees train people to create intelligent machines and systems that simulate human intelligence in carrying out certain tasks that typically require human intelligence. Machine Learning (ML) is a specialized field of AI.

With ML degrees students are taught how to use certain algorithms and statistical models to create intelligent machines that learn on their own without the need for human input.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are similar but different overall, universities can decide to combine them or separate them.

List Of Universities For Masters In AI and Machine Learning The UK

This list of universities is focused on universities that have a course titled Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence or both. As said earlier ML is a subdiscipline of AI, which means AI is a very broad discipline. If you have a specific AI subdiscipline you want to study for your master’s degree, do a search for that subdiscipline first before settling on an AI master’s degree. An example of AI subdiscipline is Data Science; some universities study it as a course.

University of Nottingham: This University offers an ‘MSc Machine Learning course. Students will learn how to apply ML and AI techniques to real-world problems. They will also how to identify and use applicable computational tools and programming techniques.

The student will also be taught how to design strategies for applying machine learning in scientific data analysis. The applicant must have the UK equivalent of a 2.1 Bachelors’ degree in one of these disciplines, chemistry, physics, engineering, or computer science. A 2.2 in any of the previously listed disciplines may be considered if the applicant has relative work experience.

The course has a full-time option (12 months) and a part-time option(24 months).

The University Of BirminghamThis University offers an MSc Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course. During the course, the student will be taught the fundamental principles Of AI and ML to solve real-world problems.

The student would also work on an individual project alongside world-renowned researchers and the Alan Turing Institute.

Note: The Alan Turing Institute is the UK’s national institute for AI and Data Science. Besides learning about AI and ML, the students would also learn about ethical considerations surrounding them so as the guide on the application of AI techniques in the real world. The University of Birmingham has won multiples awards in relation to AI and ML real-world applications.

Interested applicants must have the UK’s equivalent of a 2.1 Bachelors degree in disciplines like Physics, Computer science, Mathematics. The course lasts for one year.

  1. University Of Southampton

This University offers an MSc Artificial Intelligence course. The course explores areas in Artificial intelligence like deep learning, bio-inspired robotics, intelligent agents, simulation modeling, and more. Students have access to specialist project labs, computer workstations, and a variety of tools to support their learning.

The course is approved by the British Computer Society. Applicants need to have at least the UK equivalent of a 2.1 Bachelors’s degree in disciplines like software engineering, mathematics, and other related disciplines.

This is a full-time course that lasts for 1 year.

  1. Kings College London

This University offers an MSc Artificial Intelligence course. The students are taught in theory and practice how to build intelligent systems and machines using various tools and techniques.

The Department in charge of this course has a reputation for teaching and project supervision being done by experts in the field. A minimum of a UK 2.1 Bachelors degree in Engineering and other relevant disciplines is required from applicants.

The course is a full-time 1-year course.

  1. University of Bath

This University offers an MSc Machine Learning and Autonomous systems course. This course focuses on teaching its students how to research, design, and develop Machine Learning and autonomous system technologies.

Students will be taught how to solve complex autonomous systems and ML problems. Students will have access to bespoke laboratories and will be trained by experts in the field. The course is a 2-year program.

In the first year, the student will be taught in classes and laboratories, and in the second year, the student will be on an industrial placement. The point of the industrial placement is for the student to demonstrate an understanding of what he/she has been taught and apply it to the real world. The industrial placement provides students with the opportunity to gain skills that could not have gained in the classroom.

This University requires the UK equivalent of a First class or a strong second class upper in a bachelor’s degree that had a strong element of programming.

  1. University Of Strathclyde

This university offers an MSc Machine Learning and Deep Learning’ Course. This course focuses on technologies for ML and deep neural network systems. Students would also learn about and how to use architectures, implementation, algorithms in relation to ML.

There is also an opportunity to carry out an MSc internship in collaboration with the industry partners selected by the school. During the internship, the student will have a chance to face and solve real-world challenges in ML that the industry partners are facing.

The academic requirement for this course is the UK equivalent of a First class or 2.1 Bachelors’s Degree in electrical engineering or computer science. Students with bachelor’s degrees in related engineering disciplines might be considered for admission. This is a 12 months full-time course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have a master’s degree in machine learning or artificial intelligence?

The tuition fee for international students ranges from £21850 – £27900. Note the tuition fee range listed here is only applicable to universities listed here.

I don’t have a Bsc. in computer science or any science-related course can I still apply for ML/AI?

It is better to find out this information from the admissions office of the school, you are applying to.

Are Robotics and AI the same?




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