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Complete List of Universities in Saskatchewan

Universities in Saskatchewan

This article is on the universities in Saskatchewan and how they are choice destinations if you want to study in Canada. Saskatchewan, a province in Canada, houses some of the top universities in Canada. These universities are reckoned for their exceptional learning environment, research prowess, and expert workforce.

There are six universities in the province of Canada. They include:

  1. University of Saskatchewan
  2. University of Regina
  3. First Nations University of Canada
  4. Luther College at the University of Regina
  5. St. Thomas More College
  6. Champion College at the University of Regina

If you are looking to study in Saskatchewan, I will be reviewing each of the universities in the province together with some features that make them exceptional and worth attending. According to Conference Board, Canada ranks third in the world for delivering high-quality education. If you are considering studying anywhere in Canada, you are signing up for a wealth of knowledge.

Without further ado, let’s begin the review of each university.

Top Universities in Saskatchewan

University of Saskatchewan

University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan is one of the best universities in Saskatchewan. Established in March 1907, the university is located on the east side of the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and ranked number one in the province.

One of the advantages of attending this school is that it boasts of being one of Canada’s top medical/doctoral universities offering other programs such as plant, animal, and human studies, available to undergraduate and graduate students alike.

Students can choose programs of interest in any field of study available at the institution. These programs are geared towards building students to become experts in various areas of endeavor.

Additionally, the university has one of the leading research-intensive centers in Canada, fitted with some of the best research facilities and analytical tools. These research centers are structured to tackle global issues by ensuring students in ventures leading to vaccine development, water resource research, and sustainability in the global world. The University of Saskatchewan is also rated number 1 in Canada and 15th in the world for water resource research and Canada’s leader in vaccine development.

The English studies offered at the school is affiliated with other institutions, organizations, and companies which helps in promoting students’ socialization. Students of the university are treated to a unique housing program where they can stay with a local family in the province or the student residential area.

Admission into the University of Saskatchewan is not as tricky as other universities in Canada. The school has an acceptance rate of 72.3 percent, making it easy for prospective students to enter the university.

University of Regina

University of Regina

Established in 1974 as one of the public universities in Saskatchewan, the University of Regina is located at 3737 Wascana Pkwy, Regina, SK S4S 0A2, Canada. The University of Regina seeks to promote students’ passion by allowing them to choose from a wide range of programs.

With nine faculties for undergraduate students and a center for continuing education, the University of Regina is not just a university in Canada but one of the best. The school offers over 120 undergraduate programs and 78 graduate programs. In addition, they offer special programs in police study and public policy.

For undergraduates who may be overwhelmed with the choice of what to study, the school provides a 45 minutes counseling session where prospective students can meet with the school’s counselors to discuss issues regarding their passion and proficiency.

Aside from the programs offered at the university, it is recognized in all of Canada as a research Institute with world-class facilities that provide a commendable research environment. It has over 400 active researchers, including post-doctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students, faculty members, and seven Canada research chairs. It also partners with other institutions, laboratories, and centers to enhance research mechanisms.

Students are guaranteed the best learning environment, and staff is committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise and making strategic decisions for the school in general. They have an admirable learning environment and a significant success rate by their alumni body.

Accommodation is not a problem if you would like to study at the University of Regina. The school offers students a comfortable housing service. To provide an enabling environment for learning, the university has a fully-function ICT center and library.

First Nations University of Canada

First Nations University of Canada

The First Nations University of Canada is a public institution established in May 1976. It is often called the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College and operates three campuses in Prince Albert, Regina, and Saskatoon.

At the university, students enjoy a range of top-notch services and facilities, which is proof of the school’s commitment to providing a sound environment for learning. Some of the First Nations University of Canada facilities worthy of mention are the library, ICT center, sports facilities, and the distance learning faculty.

The institution embraces diversification, welcoming students from all across the world while advocating for indigenous education by incorporating their world views in its curriculum and university life. Online courses are also offered at the First Nations University of Canada.

Luther College at the University of Regina

Luther College -University of Regina

Luther College was founded in 1926 and is located in the University of Regina at 1500 Royal St Regina, SK S5T 5A5, Canada. The college is affiliated with the University of Regina and partners with its research center in conducting research and analysis. It offers about 20 programs with high-standard teachers readily available to carry out their duties.

With an impressive alumni record, Luther College can be a game-changer for you. Some of Luther’s alumni are Rob Pyne (1967 alumni), a professional Canadian football player (CFL), Andrea Ludwig (1988 alumni), mezzo-soprano opera singer and actress, Glenda Goertzen (1989 alumni), an author, Jonathan Denis (1993 alumni), Alberta MLA and minister of housing and urban affairs, and more.

Though small, the Luther College is a school to be reckoned with.

St. Thomas More College

St. Thomas More College

An opportunity to discover who you are is what St. Thomas More College offers you. STM is a Catholic liberal art college federated by the University of Saskatchewan. It was founded in 1936 at 1437 college Dr, Saskatoon, SK S7N 0W6, Canada.

The college advocates for academic excellence and creativity. It strives to help students discover their potential, encouraging them to be critical thinkers while maintaining its Catholic tradition. STM offers about 250 courses across various fields of study, giving students a list of options to select that best promote their interests.

Classes are conducted at the University of Saskatchewan. The college’s course credit is counted towards the arts and science degrees requirements subject to the University of Saskatchewan. It must satisfy the elective requirement for degree programs in the university.

Champion College at the University of Regina

Champion College

Champion College is a federated college with the University of Regina founded in 1917. The college is a Roman Catholic college that is also affiliated with Jesuits (Society of Jesus).

Though a federated college, Champion College’s administrative operations are excluded from the University of Saskatchewan. The college has its staff, infrastructure, faculty and faculty offices, chapel, library, cafeteria, lounges, auditorium, and tutoring centers.

It is an institution committed to equipping students with morals that motivates them to become valuable to their society. They encourage service to others, promote ethical values, as well as academic excellence. The college professors are known for their expertise in their various fields of study, most of which have earned recognition for their academic achievements.

Fully equipped with facilities aimed at helping students develop social skills, Champion College is truly a preferred study destination among universities in Saskatchewan. The school has 12 12 administrative staff and 23 academic staff and is notable for research and analytical studies.

Students of the Luther College are provided counseling sessions with free writing and tutoring in mathematics and statistics and a peer monitoring program.


What is the Best University in Saskatchewan?

The University of Saskatchewan is the best in Saskatchewan. It is known for its sustainability and social impact on students and the province. In addition, the school has been recognized by Canada and the world for its research conducted on water resources and vaccine development.

The university provides a healthy academic environment for students with lots of programs to select from. Their lecturers are top-notch and advocators of excellence. In collaboration with other institutions, they offer unique programs to their students.

Is It Difficult To Get Admitted Into Universities in Saskatchewan?

Admission into the universities in Saskatchewan is not difficult. Students who apply to any of the universities in Saskatchewan have a 60 – 90 percent chance of gaining entrance into the schools.

Do Universities in Saskatchewan Offer Admission to International Students?

Yes. The universities in Saskatchewan accept international students who would like to study in them. They offer admission to students outside of the province and Canada alike. Foreigners who would like to learn in any of the universities in Saskatchewan can apply, and if they meet the admission requirements, they will be admitted.

Is Studying In Saskatchewan Expensive?

Studying in Saskatchewan is not expensive, though it is subject to personal opinions. Judging from what these schools offer, their fees are fair, especially for indigenous students, while international students pay way more than citizens do.

Nonetheless, the value these institutions give cannot be measured in monetary terms, plus most of these schools provide housing services to students, making it easy for students to find accommodation. Generally, studying in Saskatchewan is not expensive.

Are There Scholarship Opportunities in Saskatchewan

There are scholarship opportunities in the institutions in Saskatchewan, even for international students. Canadians and internationals get the chance to be awarded a scholarship by the institution of learning.

Editor’s Recommendation

Any of the universities in Saskatchewan are perfect for studying as long as they offer the course you would like to learn. However, the University of Saskatchewan and Regina are exceptional on the list. No other university in Saskatchewan comes close to these two. They are reckoned to be one of the best in Canada and North America.


Universities in Saskatchewan are good choices to further your studies. They promote and uphold academic excellence. Additionally, Saskatchewan is a fantastic place to live. I am confident you enjoyed reading this piece. Please share it with someone who would like to study in Saskatchewan.

Having read through this article on the universities of Saskatchewan, what’s your pick?

I want to believe that you are seriously considering one or two universities in Saskatchewan after reading this post, and that’s a great start.

Love is sharing, do well to share this post.


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