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List Of UK Universities That Accept 2.2 Second Class Lower for Master’s Degree

With the UK being one of the best countries for education worldwide, it is not surprising that it is the first country that comes to mind when someone starts considering furthering their education outside their home country.

However, getting admission into a UK university is no easy feat as they have high entry requirements.

For most UK universities the minimum requirement for postgraduate (Master’s or Ph.D.) is a 2.1 (second class upper) CGPA.

This requirement has caused some people to give up furthering their education in the UK but there is good news.

Some universities accept 2.2 for master’s degrees. In most cases, a 2.2 (second class lower) means a 3.0 on a 5 point GPA scale.

You can view the country-specific information on your chosen university’s page for the specific grade they accept for applicants from your country.

In cases where you have below the required grade, having relevant work experience can boost your chances of being accepted.

List Of UK Universities That Accept A 2.2 Second Class Lower For master’s Degree

The following is a list of UK universities that accept a 2.2 in an undergraduate degree for a master’s degree.

This does not mean the listed universities are not up to standard, far from it, the listed universities are award-winning Universities known in the UK for their excellence.

These universities are simply more lenient in their requirements than other universities.

The universities are not listed in any particular order and the link on the university’s name would take you to the university’s website.

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1. University of Wolverhampton

Located in what is described as one of the cheapest places to live in the UK, the University of Wolverhampton has a lot to offer.

The city of Wolverhampton boasts of great sightseeing locations, shopping centres, and affordable transportation to the rest of the country.

Most of the master’s programmes at this university accept 2.2 in an undergraduate degree. Some certain programmes require at least a 2.1, so it is important to check the entry requirements concerning the programme you want to study.

Master’s programmes at the University of Wolverhampton have different study options such as Full-time, part-time, and distance learning. International scholarships of £1000 are available to all first-time international students.

2. University of Portsmouth

Located in Portsmouth, one of the most affordable student cities in the UK. The University of Portsmouth is located in a picturesque, welcoming location.

Students admitted to this university are taught by industry experts. Most master’s programmes at the University of Portsmouth accept 2.2 in an undergraduate programme.

Few master’s programmes require 2.1 degrees. It is necessary to check under the entry requirements for the programme you want to study.

Most of the courses at the University of Portsmouth are full-time on-campus courses. There are online and part-time courses too.

3. University of Westminster

Located in central London, the University of Westminster is top-ranked University. The University of Westminster is known for providing its students with academic excellence and personal enrichment since its time as a polytechnic institution.

The typical master’s programme at the University of Westminster requires a 2.2 CGPA in a relevant undergraduate programme while some programmes require a 2.1 CGPA.

The master’s programmes at the University of Westminster have two study modes: a full-time mode and a part-time mode. Kindly note that some programmes might be strictly part-time or strictly full-time.

4. University of Warwick

The University of Warwick is a university known for its great teaching and research excellence.

The University of Warwick boasts of challenging it students to achieve their dreams and goal while equipping them with the resources to do so.

Master’s programmes in most programmes especially science-related courses most likely require a 2.2 while programmes that require a 2.1 are likely Arts and Social sciences related.

To make things easier in determining whether you reach the UK equivalent of a 2.1 or a 2.2 based on your country of origin, the University of Warwick dedicated this page to explain a 2.1 or 2.2 UK equivalent based on your country of origin.

Kindly note that this equivalent strictly applies to the University of Warwick. Its master’s programmes are either full-time or part-time study. Some programmes have both study options.

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5. University of Kent

This University is renowned worldwide and in the UK for its highly qualified staff, amazing facilities, and its talented graduates.

Students studying master’s programmes at the University of Kent are provided with exceptional academic experience and opportunities to enable them to broaden their horizons and successfully prepare them for employment.

The University of Kent has 3 UK campuses and 1 Paris campus. It is important to know the campus at which the programme you are applying for will be taught.

The master’s programmes at the University of Kent accept students with the UK equivalent of a 2.2.

The master’s programmes can be full-time, part-time, or distance learning programmes.

It is important to note this, so you can pick the study option that works best for you.

The University of Kent has an abundance of scholarships admitted students can pick from. Besides scholarship and loans (specific to the UK and certain countries), the University of Kent also boasts of multiple societies that can be country-related, faith-related, and even region-located.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still apply to the above Universities if I do not possess a 2.2?

Yes, you can. There are foundational or pre-masters programmes you can enrol in at some universities to make up for the required grade.

Also if you have relevant work experience in addition to your low CGPA you may be granted admission on that basis.

However, it is best to contact the admission office of the university you want to apply to, inform them of your situation, and ask for your advice.

Are there scholarship options available to international students at the above-listed universities?

Yes, there are scholarships and discounts for international students. To find out more about the scholarships simply search for the scholarships’ page on the school website.

Are the above-listed universities affordable?
Yes, they are.


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