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List Of USA Scholarships For Redheads

Hair comes in different textures and shades, each type of hair is unique in its right. However, some hair types are less common and stand out more than others. You can spot a redhead in a sea of people because their hair color stands out. Not only does their hair color stand out, but natural redheads are also a rare phenomenon.

Red is a fiery color, that attribute is also assigned to Redheads, they are described to have a fiery personality. If a natural feature of yours could earn you a scholarship, would you take it? If you answered yes and you are a natural redhead you are in luck. There are USA scholarships for Redheads.

USA Scholarships For Redheads

A redhead is someone with red hair color, redheads in this article refer to natural redheads. The hair color of natural Redheads is in different shades and textures. In texture natural redhead’s hair ranges from straight to curly red hair. Meanwhile, in color, it ranges from strawberry blonde to dark auburn.

Natural redheads are unique; scholarships have even been created to assist redheads that need financial help. These scholarships have other requirements asides from the applicant being a Redhead. Let’s take a look at scholarships for Redheads, their requirements, and where these scholarships can be used.

What makes Redheads so special?

Redheads possess a rare gene named MC1R that is present in only 2% of the world’s population. In addition to their red hair, redheads are also prone to sunburn due to their sensitive and fair skin. Some Redheads have freckles and light-colored eyes.
Redheads are also said to have descended Celtics and Germanic worlds due to this unique gene they carry.

Redhead Scholarships

There are few scholarships for redheads and until 2008 there were zero scholarships for redheads. Scholarship matching services lied to students and their parents of redhead scholarships, claiming to find scholarships for redheads for a fee. These scholarship matching services made falsified guarantees to persuade their victims to pay the fee.


ScholarshipRed is a scholarship sponsored by the World Scholarship Forum under the Red hair scholarships project. The point of this project is to celebrate the creativity, skill, and individuality of redheads. The project is supposed to assist in creating responsibility models for redheads’ all over. This scholarship applies to both male and female redheads.

Can any redhead apply for this scholarship?

No. Only high school juniors or seniors in the USA can apply for this award.

What are the requirements one must possess to apply for this scholarship?

Applicants must live in the USA and have a GPA of at least 2.5 on a 4 point scale.
Applicants must be applying to an accredited college of 2-4 years.

All applicants must have red hair. However it isn’t so simple, applicants must prove that they were born with red hair. This is to be done by sending a childhood picture and a picture of how you currently look.

How to apply for SchloarshipRed

Have the following information ready.
Two photographs of yourself. One of you during childhood and one of how you look currently.
Your high school transcript: A photocopy would suffice. You do need to apply through your school’s guidance counselor.

The transcript must be as up-to-date as possible.
You can also add the name of the college you wish to attend in your application.
A creative piece that represents what being a redhead means. It could be a drawing, an essay, a video, anything, it simply must be creative. The more creative your piece is the better your chances at qualifying for the scholarship.
To apply for the scholarship, have the required document typed or scanned and sent to [email protected]

(It is preferable if your documents are scanned). The subject heading of the email should be Applicants Name, Last Name the year of application. For Example, Abigail Flynn 2021.

How are the winners chosen?

Winners are chosen based on various interpretations that constitute what being a redhead means.

How much is the scholarship worth?

The red hair scholarship project currently awards $500 to redheads who meet the set requirements. A total of 10 winners would be awarded the scholarship. The amount awarded might vary every year.

When is the ScholarshipRed Deadline?

The deadline for applying for ScholarshipRed is in April each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Strawberry Blondes apply for this scholarship?
Yes, they can. Strawberry Blonde is a shade of red hair.

Is there another means of applying for this scholarship like an application or form?
No there is not. The only correct way of applying for this scholarship is an email to [email protected]

All required information can be typed out in the email or compiled in a word document and sent as an email attachment.

This is the only scholarship for specifically for redheads in the USA. However, listed below is another scholarship that Redheads can apply for.

Joe Francis Haircare scholarship

For Redheads that want to go into Cosmetology, this scholarship is worth taking a look at. The scholarship is awarded by the Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship Foundation. Applicants for this award must either be currently studying for a Cosmetology/ Barber Program or applying for entrance into a Barber/ Cosmetology School.

The Requirements for this scholarship is as follows

An accurately filled application form.
A well-written essay
A recommendation letter
Relevant references.

Who is not eligible for this scholarship?

Applicants enrolled in or considering a Nail training/Esthetician program. Applicants that would graduate from Cosmetology of Barber School between January 1st and August 31st of the year of the award.

How to Apply for the Joe Francis Haircare scholarship

  • Click on this link Apply Online during application season: January 1st – June 1st to start the application process. Applicants should thoroughly review their application, especially the financial information before submitting it. You can save your application as a draft and continue later.
  • Carefully follow all the instructions in the form.
  • Submit your application when you have submitted all the information and thoroughly reviewed your application.

When is the application deadline for the Joe Francis Haircare scholarship?

The deadline to apply is June 1st of the year you are applying for the scholarship.

How much is the scholarship worth?

The scholarship is worth $1500 and it would be paid directly to the Costmetolgy school of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if I won the scholarship?

You will be contacted via email and/or postal mail by the end of September.

If I win the scholarship, How soon does my cosmetology school get the money for tuition?

Once you received your scholarship letter, the school is also notified and sent the money.

Who do I contact for more information?

You can call Kim Larson (651)769-1757 or send an email to [email protected]


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