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UVA Acceptance Rate, Tuition and Admission Requirements 2022/2023

To anyone reading this post. On this page, I will be covering basically the University of Virginia transfer acceptance Rate, tuition and admission requirements for the 2022/2023 academic session. Kindly ensure to read the attached details on the below-listed schools to guide your admission processes. Also, don’t forget to drop and question and comment in the comment session. Transferring to UVA will not be a problem after you might have to take your time to go through the procedure that will be highlighted in this article. So please take your time to read to the end. Kindly know that everything you will be reading on this page is put together based on the research I have made and not from the expertise point of view, neither do I have any affiliation with the school. To this end, let us dive straight know more about all you need to know about transferring to the University of Virginia.

Overview Of The University of Virginia

The University of Virginia is an American based public university. It was established in the year 1819 having an undergraduate student population of about 17,311 as of 2020.  The school has about 8 faculties. The campus is located right at the outskirt of the school and covers over 1,682 acres of land. It also uses the semester-based academic calendar. Speaking about the academic performance of the school. The University of Virginia is ranked among the list of the 2022’s best colleges and takes the 25th position making it the highest-ranking so far. Another report from the US News & World ranks the University of Virginia as the 26th best university locally and 109th globally for the year 2021. About the tuition fee, as a citizen of the country, the tuition fee for the University of Virginia is $19,698 while the out-of-state tuition fee (international students) is $53,666. Originally, the university was established in 1803 by Thomas Jefferson in Charlottesville and was named after him as “Mr Jefferson’s University” otherwise known then as “The University”. As at these times, only the first-year student was given accommodation on campus. Other students of the school stay off-campus or in fraternity or sorority houses. Even though any student can apply to the University of Virginia from any part of the world, it is obvious that the Greek owns the highest percentage of student intake into the school, having about 35% of the student population. This is part of the reason why Greek activities are prevalent at the University of Virginia, UVA. The UVA is popularly known for its graduate programs which include the highly rated Darden school of business, school of Law, school of medicine, school of engineering and applied science. UVA has the remaining 25 copies of the declaration of independence known as the “Dunlap Broadside” located in the Albert and Shirly Small Special Collection Library. Additionally, UVA has a separate, unique terminology with which the campus is being called known as “grounds”  as for the central quad, it is referred to as “The lawn” and you can either belong to any among the two classes of students which are 1. The first or 2. The second-year student. Some notable people who have received honorary degrees from the school are the former U.S Senator ” Edward Kennedy,” Katie Couric, an American Journalistand former NFL player Tiki Barber. Notably enough, the famous author Edgar Allen Poe was dismissed out of the school when he lost his tuition fee into gambling, however, his dorm room which was situated on the lawn was kept and preserved and open for the public to view up to date.

University of Virginia Acceptance Rate

The university has a very competitive acceptance rate just like so many other universities abroad. We can even say that the acceptance rate is directly proportional to the admission rate. The school has about 22.6% acceptance rate and an earlier admission rate of about 20.6 %.  The Majority of the student admitted into the school has the minimum requirement of about 1320-1510 SAT score as well as an ACT score of 30-34. Below is the  breakdown of the University Of Virginia Acceptance rate
Year Acceptance Rate
2017 27.3%
2018 26.4%
2019 23.9%
2020-2021 22.6%
From statistics, up to one-quarter of the student population admitted into the university scored above the required score while up to one-quarter of the admitted students scored below the required score. As for the deadline for the application into the school. The application deadline is January 1 while the cost of applying to the school is $75.

University of Virginia’s 2022 ranking

Speaking of the university’s ranking, the University of Virginia is ranked: 71st==> Best undergraduate faculty 9th==> Top colleges for Veterans 25th==> National University ranking 226th==>World University Ranking.

University of Virginia Transfer Acceptance Rate

Opportunities are open to students who wish to start their undergraduate study at the University of Virginia to apply for their undergraduate programs. Also for those who want to continue their postgraduate programs (masters, PhD, Doctorate), the university welcomes everyone who wishes to move from any of the accredited universities and colleges. Transfer students have been an integral part of the university community from time, they contribute greatly to the extracurricular and academic life on the Grounds. Annually, there are over 1500 students who apply to the school with about a quarter of them being applicants from Virginia while the remaining one-third of the enrolled applicants are from communities outside the Virginia college system.  Over the last year, the University of Virginia received about 2801 transfer applications from within and outside the country. From this figure, the school accepted 1039 of the students. Calculating this acceptance rate, we can conclude that the University of Virginia’s acceptance rate is approximately close to 37% per annum. Showing how hard it can be to get into the university.

University of Virginia Financial Aid and Scholarships

Yes, there are many scholarship opportunities to get admission into UVA. The fact also remains that the school is relatively not expensive, accessible and well as very affordable. With a program known as AccessUVA, Virginia’s financial aid plan, this initiative helps you to cater for some of your study expenses during your study in the school.

University of Virginia Transfer Acceptance Application, Requirements

Regarding the requirements to study in the university, below are the breakdown of all the requirement you should have in other to apply for a UVA transfer. Minimum GPA: The minimum GPA that is required of all transfer applicants is 2.00. The average GPA for all admitted students is 3.50. Official Transcript: The official transcript of the student must be sent to each school you have attended. Note that you might need to necessarily submit the Common Application Secondary School Report. Also note that an Official Report, as well as Instructors Evaluation, is not compulsory. SAT Scores: Interested applicants must take either SAT or ACT. Those who have left secondary school for about five years or more might skip this requirement. Letter of Recommendation: Here the official Report with Instruction isn’t necessary but it is required that you present a report showing your good conduct in a previous institution otherwise known as a testimonial.  Essay: This is necessary for those who want to apply for a transfer. The essay is due on the common application, as well as the supplementary application.  Application Fee: For any applicant, you will be required to pay a non-refundable application price of $60. Interview: This is not a compulsory requirement to be considered while selecting those who will be given admission into the school, so you might not be needed to do an interview.

To Apply For A Transfer To University of Virginia Follow Here Now

University of Virginia Transfer Credit Policy

Minimum Grade: The minimum grade required to apply in C-Credit. This is the general minimum grade point requirement from any accredited institution is the credit grade or anything higher. Credits (MIn/Max): In other to be eligible for transfer admission, you are required to have a minimum of 9 transferable credits. For a whole semester, the minimum credit required is 60 credit hours. You are required to complete 60 credit UVA to earn your bachelor’s degree award.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What is my chance of being considered for spring or fall? The school generally accept just 20-30% of transfer applicants who wants to join UVA during the autumn while admission to the spring semester will be very much competitive than the autumn.  It is also possible to apply for the spring semester if you want to specifically study at the college of art & science, Architectural history, or even Urban and Environment planning. Generally, UVA receives a few more than 300 applicants to vying to fill into the 35 slots within the college of Arts and Science. There are also some open slots for the Urban and Environmental Planning program and Architectural History. Are an SAT or ACT necessary to be taken in order to gain admission? For students who are planning to transfer into the school, the submission of SAT or ACT is NOT COMPULSORY. Is there a typical GPA of students admitted as transfer students? Like we have discussed already in the article, the minimum GPA required for a  student who wants to transfer into the school is 3.5. It is also important to note that the total admission process might not totally be dependent on the GPA of the applicant,  but also on the courses listed in the academic transcript. When I’m an international student, do I have to take the TOEFL test? Yes, you are strongly advised to have a result from TOEFL or IELTS. This is to certify your proficiency in the English language and effective communication even if you didn’t attend a special/separate English language school. Which students of Virginia Community College do you accept?
Almost half of the enrolled students eventually gets admitted from within the Virginia Community College System.
What per cent of applicants are accepted? The University of Virginia is committed to retaining an average of about two-third of Virginia’s residents as students of the school. Even though 2/3 of the total applicants are from outside the state.  As a result of this somewhat biasness in acceptance ratio, the rate UVA offers the residents is more expensive than the rate offered to those who are from outside the state. In the previous year, the school accepted 28% of Virginia residents while just 17% were accepted as not Virginians. What is the best way to switch schools once I’ve been accepted? To change your school or switch to another school if you have been previously admitted to UVA, the best thing to do is to write an e-mail to the Dean of Admission, the person of Greg Robert, asking for a change of school.
Can I take classes abroad in the first semester at UVA? Yes, you can take classes abroad during your first semester at the University of Virginia.


Getting admission into the University of Virginia is all about flowing the aforementioned process. Even though the rate of acceptance into the school, especially for non-Virginians are very low and competitive. Your chance of getting accepted into the school can increase if and only if you can follow the due processes that we have talked about in this article. We hope that this article has helped you provide answers to your questions regarding the University of Virginia’s acceptance rate, tuition fee and admission requirement. Thank you for reading.  


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