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What Are The Best South African Universities For Law

If you have the desire to become a lawyer in the continent of Africa and want to have the best of law education then you would want to look to no other place but to South Africa.

South Africa has the best Law schools in the African continent this may not be unconnected to the bitter past of the country with struggles of apartheid and the search for justice, equality before the law, and the same law for everyone.

South Africa has the best of Law schools in the entire continent of Africa according to several Internationally reputable education ranking bodies by whole and by subject such as QS World Universities Ranking, Webometrics, ARWU, Times Higher education ranking, Academy Rank for African, etc.

We would discuss the best Law universities and the study of law in South Africa in this article if you are planning to study law in South Africa then this article is for you.

Studying Law In South Africa

Six (6) out of the ten (10) best law universities in Africa are located in South Africa, as per several subject-based ranking bodies for Universities.

This means you cannot but want to study and do your legal training in South Africa as you are assured of quality training.
South Africa has a total of 17 law schools across the country, which are made up of public and private ones.

To study law in South Africa you would need to consider the cost and your visa if you are an international student. Becoming a lawyer in South Africa means you need to be a citizen of South Africa or a legal resident as you cannot practice if you are outside of either of these categories.

Cost of living/Study In South Africa

If you wish to study in South Africa then you would do well to take note of the cost of living and your studies while you’re going to be in the country this applies particularly to international students.

For the locals, they would only have to worry about the cost of studying law, rent, and other costs as International students only if they would be schooling away from their region.

Studying for a law degree would cost between R14,000 to R60,000 depending on the law school you are applying to.

Note that international students pay more of the fees as compared to locals

The Cost of living averagely for a month which would cover your basic needs food, shelter, transport, utility, etc is around R5,750 so this should form part of your budget and planning.

The Law Universities in South Africa

There are lots of law-degree awarding Universities in South Africa a list of them all can be seen below;

University of Cape town
Stellenbosch University
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
University of Johannesburg
University of Pretoria
University of Venda
Rhodes University
University of KwaZulu-Natal
northwest University
University of the Free State
University of the Western Cape
University of Fort Hare
University of Limpopo
Nelson Mandela University
IIE Varsity College
University of Zululand
University of South Africa

What are The Best Law Universities In South Africa?

Below are the best South African Universities for Law

University Of Cape Town

The Cape town University commonly known as UCT is one of the oldest institutions of learning in South Africa with a large number of students enrollment annually. The university is a public University.

The school was established in the year 1829 in the city of Cape town, It is the best school to study law in South Africa and has produced astute lawyers in the country and beyond, it’s has a status as the oldest university in the country and is located in the western cape region of the country.

University of Cape town has a robust law program for its students, the school has a large number of international students especially from other African countries.

The Law Faculty in the university has the smallest faculty size in the university in terms of the number of students enrolled into the faculty in total.

The faculty of Law in the University of Cape Town has under 1000 students this could count to the status of the university as the best law University in South Africa and Africa as a whole arguably.

The University has over 11 research centres of international standard and recognition in its faculty of law. The under 1000 students in the faculty helps for more rigorous curriculum delivery and enables a better delivery and understanding by students.

The over 11 research centres in the faculty each focuses on different aspects of legal practice, training, and implementation of laws globally and not just locally.

This university is a good choice for you if you’re seeking to come Study law in Africa and South Africa especially, it has one of the highest intakes of international students, who come o in droves to study law in South Africa.

To get into Cape town University faculty of law you would need an APS point of 44 and above to be considered for admission although 36 APS points are the minimum competition for places has made the probable consideration point to be 44

The university is ranked 220 globally by the QS world universities ranking for 2021.

University of the Witwatersrand

The University of Witwatersrand is located in Johannesburg, the University was founded in the year 1896 and has ever since produced some of the best lawyers in the country and continent.

The University has produced Nobel prize winners the most famous of them being the legendary Nelson Mandela who was awarded the Nobel peace prize. The university is commonly called the University of Wits.

The university of the Witwatersrand is a public university and has renowned research facilities in its faculties. The university has students across several nations in Africa and beyond this is thanks to the sound education and research work done at the school this also extends to its Law Faculty.

The entry requirements for the university are quite high and stringent this is because there is tough competition for places at the

Witwatersrand Law faculty.

To get into the law Faculty to study for a law degree at the Witwatersrand you would need at least 43 APS points, level 5 English language, level 3 mathematics, or an equivalent of level 4 maths literacy.

The University is ranked 403 globally by the QS world university ranking for 2021.

Stellenbosch University

The Stellenbosch University was founded in the year 1866 and was given a full University status in the year 1918. The University was founded in Stellenbosch.

The University has contributed immensely just like Cape town to the legal South Africa with their research centres and the quality of lawyers they produce.

Stellenbosch University has been at the forefront of promoting the research and production of world-class lawyers. through its law programme. The school has also received international recognition for its contribution of knowledge to the legal system.

Stellenbosch University has the largest law library in the country and Africa to a large, this is a good attraction for the large number of international students they have which are multi-cultural and multilingual.

To get into Stellenbosch University Law faculty you would require a National Senior Certificate (NSC) with a score of 50% or more in the required school subjects.

The Stellenbosch University is ranked 456th globally by QS world university ranking for 2021.

University of Johannesburg

The University of Johannesburg is located in Johannesburg the economic capital of South Africa and the largest city in the country. The University of Johannesburg was established in the year 2005.

The university though a young institution compared to other old universities has put up a massive effort into its educational development, research, and delivery of knowledge to its students to emerge of the top universities in law studies in the country.

The university has a massive number of students enrollment per annum. this is despite the competition for the selection of students into the school.

To get into the law faculty of the University of Johannesburg you would require at least APS of 28 or 29 points with mathematics or mathematics literacy respectively you would also need level 5 English Language

The university is ranked 439 globally according to the QS world university ranking in the year 2021.

University of Pretoria

The University of Pretoria is located at the administrative capital of South Africa and was established in the year 1908. The university offers one of the best Law degree programmes in the country.

The University of Pretoria is a public university and operates 7 different campuses across the region. The school gives its students the opportunity to make choices of the elective courses which it has in its faculty of law.

The University faculty of law offers several law programmes some of which. are LLB, LLM, LLD, etc.

To get into the University of Pretoria Faculty of Law you would need to have at least APS points of 36 and level 5 English language for probable admission.

The university is ranked 561 globally according to the QS world university ranking.


You can now decide which of the law universities to enrol in depending on your choice of school and town where they are located. These schools would give you the best of law education and a respectable law degree in South Africa and beyond.


I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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